April 6 Football Notebook

Arizona football only has a few practices left. Read on for some notes from the latest practice.

  • The offensive line has not been talked about much in the spring, but Rich Rodriguez says he would like to see more depth.

    "The veterans know what they are doing and making some steps," Rodriguez said. "I am still concerned about our depth. We want to have at least eight guys, five regulars, and another center, guard, and tackle that we can rotate in there.

    "I am not sure we are there right now, but hopefully in the fall. We may have to have some young guys come in and give us some competition and depth."

  • Samajie Grant continues to have an impressive spring and the coaching staff has nothing but positive things to say about his progress.

    "He is a pretty sharp guy," Rodriguez said. "He knows all four receiver positions and he probably will play a little tailback next week. He is such a competitive guy, but like a lot of our guys, reminding him about the fundamentals.

    "Sometimes when things get a little crazy out there guys will revert and do some crazy stuff. Samajie is a really good football player and a great route runner."

  • Austin Hill is participating with a knee brace, but continue to come along nicely.

    "Austin is running full speed," Rodriguez said. "I think there is always a period where you want to get your confidence back, but he has practiced full speed and is getting the confidence back."

  • The quarterback competition continues to unfold and Rodriguez touched on a few of them after practice.

    "Jesse has gotten better," he said. "He was lost quite a bit in his first year like most first year quarterbacks are, but he has taken it to heart and played pretty well. He has made great progress this spring.

    "He has had a good spring. He's got himself squarely in the mix, which is what you would hope. After a redshirt year you want to be competing for the starting job. I think a lot of times when you redshirt like him, mentally you kind of take the year off and we've reminded him that year is over and it is time to compete."

  • Quarterback is not the only position that is wide open, as there are no current answers at running back.

    "Right now it is ongoing, but Jared Baker is hurt, we have a couple of freshmen, Jonathan Haden has not been cleared yet," Rodriguez said.

    "It is a wide open deal, plus we have a couple slots that are going to play there. We have the bodies for it. Coach Magee has done a good job of getting those guys better. We're so spoiled with what we had with Ka'Deem and D.J. that we have to get these guys to another level."

  • T.J. Johnson came to Arizona with the ability to play two positions and while he is still likely to do that, the coaching staff has pulled back a bit.

    "Mostly slot," Rodriguez said of Johnson. "A little bit of running back, but we are not doing too much because we don't want him to have an information overload because he is a first semester guy."

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