Alsadek fighting for a starting role

Jacob Alsadek has come a long way since last season and is now in the running for a starting spot. Read on for his thoughts on his progress and more.

Jacob Alsadek redshirted last season, but now finds himself competing for a starting job.

"It's been a lot of fun just kind of doing what I have been doing," Alsadek said. "Just working hard, practicing, anything I can do to get that spot that I've got. I am just honored and happy that they trust me enough to be able to play."

Arizona needed Alsadek to move positions on the line and he has done so with success.

"Gerhard De Beer came in and started to play right tackle, so I was playing a little guard," Alsadek said. "Then after fall Coach Michalczik, I met with him, he told me he wanted me to play a little guard this year because Chris Putton left.

"It's not a lot different. It's more combination blocks and stuff like that, so it is a little bit easier. I think it will be a good transition into next year maybe going back out to tackle."

In order for Alsadek to have come as far as he has, the lineman put in plenty of work.

"I worked real hard in the weight room every day," he said. "I got to practice and I would come in and work out. I feel a lot stronger and a lot more leaner.

"I weighed like 296 yesterday, so I have lost about 25 pounds since I first came in. That has helped me a lot, just being able to move more, stay lower and things like that.

"Before I wasn't flexible enough, so now I feel like I am a lot more flexible. Also things come easier to me now like the playbook just after redshirting and keep pounding those notes."

Physically, Alsadek still feels as if he has a bit of work to do.

"I am trying to get down to like 20 percent body fat before the season," he said. "Right now I am like 24, so hopefully over the summer I can get down there and be like 305 with 20 percent body fat."

Having an offensive lineman redshirt is common, but Alsadek admits he had to work through it at first.

"At the beginning I was a little mad that I was redshirting, but everybody is like that," he said. "Everybody wants to play, but having that extra year and meeting with our G.A. Cory Zirbel and Coach M was helping me, really helped me out a lot. It's a lot easier now, things come naturally."

When Michalczik met with Alsadek, he gave him a plan to succeed and it has worked so far.

"We all met with him one-on-one and he told me he knows that I worked real hard, so he kept saying do what you do and see you get better every day," Alsadek said.

"That's what I have been doing and with that being said now I have this opportunity to play, so I am excited about that."

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