Price continues to learn

Safety David Price learned a lot when he sat out last season. Read on to see what he took away from his redshirt year and more.

David Price is a much different player than he was a year ago and if his play this spring is any indication, his role will be different as well.

While sitting out in a redshirt year, Price was able to learn and get better, which he has helped him improve plenty.

"I think it is the knowledge of the game," Price said of what he learned. "Things are slowing down a bit more for me, so it is easier to make plays.

"Learning the defense, I don't have to run here so fast and run there so fast, I let things develop first and then make plays."

For Price, the biggest adjustment has been adjusting to the increased speed of the game.

"Watching the tempo of the game and how fast things are, t is a little different from high school because guys are a lot faster and stronger," Price said.

"I had to learn to adjust to that and be ready to get on the field. High school is easier because you can just go out there and play. Right now every guy is bigger, faster, stronger, and they are here for a reason."

In addition, Price feels that he must make an impact because of that year that he spent learning the game.

"Last year I redshirted, so it was more watching and learning," Price said. "Now it is up to me to get on the field and make plays and make a name for myself."

Price plans to do that not only with his increased knowledge, but added strength as well.

"I came in benching 225 and we just did our test and I threw up 295 three or four times," Price said. "I am getting stronger every time we are lifting and I am proud of that.

"I focused on studying my opponent from player tendencies to where we are on the field. What routes or these, what plays are these, and then just being patient."

If Price has his way, he will be able to make an impact in numerous ways this season.

"I like to roam around the secondary," he said. "I don't like to stay in one spot, I like to disguise defense, roll around, get the quarterback confused and then break out and make plays."

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