April 7 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Monday. Read on for his thoughts on consistency, his play makers, and more.

  • Rich Rodriguez believes that Arizona has been consistent for the most part, but is still searching for more.

    "I would say there has been consistency in some areas," Rodriguez said. "Some of it has been that we have been consistently inconsistent.

    "I thought the quarterbacks in the last two practices weren't as good as they were earlier. That's an issue we will get corrected, but they are competing."

  • Arizona has a variety of signal callers and does not have an issue with them deciding to run more than the average QB might normally.

    "We are done with our installation, no new plays to put in and I reminded them today that if everybody is covered it is okay to take off and run," Rodriguez said. "They all have the ability to run a little bit, so I would rather have that than an interception."

  • Although he is unsure of how many plays Arizona runs, Rodriguez is happy with the tempo in practice so far.

    "We probably run more than most people do in an hour and a half practice just because we are uptempo," he said. "I know in a five minute period, most teams will try to get seven or eight, we're going fast and getting 12 or 13. It's good in practice. I think our guys are used to that, so that has not been an issue at all."

  • As far as conditioning goes, the coaching staff would like to see progress.

    "In the fall, we will have to be in better shape," Rodriguez said. "We did some conditioning, but we didn't do as much conditioning as they will do. We're not nearly in shape right now, but we don't have a game for a while."

  • Nothing has changed in terms of Rodriguez's approach, as he is still harder on the quarterbacks than the other players.

    "I yell at everybody, but they get the brunt of it just because with Coach Smith gone I have been in meetings with them a little bit," Rodriguez said. "I always pay a little more attention to them simply because of how we run our offense."

  • Arizona will have numerous play makers next season and Rodriguez will be trying to find ways to get them the ball.

    "It has still yet to be proven, but there is no questions he is a guy that you want touching the ball and there is a couple others too," Rodriguez said of Davonte Neal.

    "Davonte has natural play-making skills and then watching T.J. Johnson, who is the fastest guy on the team, it looks like we have to get him the ball too."

  • The wildcats continue to go with a running back by committee, but Rodriguez is hoping somebody emerges.

    "You are not going to have one guy probably who is going to do as well as he did," Rodriguez said of Carey. "I don't want to say do it by committee because whoever is at that position you have to get production, but to expect the same type of production as Ka'Deem is not going to happen."

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