Solomon learning every day

Anu Solomon has grown a lot since last season, but has more to learn. Read on to see his thoughts on the offense, quarterback competition, and more.

Anu Solomon knows the pressure is on for him to gain the starting quarterback job, so he is continuing to work.

It has been difficult at times and Solomon recognizes the need to keep learning the offense and improving as a signal caller.

"It is a lot to grasp and I am learning every day, but I still have to learn," Solomon said. "I feel like I have gotten to where they want me to be at this point, but I need to keep getting better."

The quarterback competition is nowhere close to being over and even if it was, Solomon says he would not be complacent.

"It's anybody's job right now, but even if he names a starting quarterback, everybody is still trying to get his job, so you can't be comfortable as the starting quarterback," he said.

Off the field, Solomon has taken a unique approach to getting acclimated with the playbook and those around him.

"I basically hang out with Samajie Grant and Pierre Cormier in the dorms and every day when we get our homework done, if we have extra time we look in the playbook and then use it on NCAA on the X Box," Solomon said.

"We quiz each other and it is a competitive thing. It helps us, but it is obviously more realistic on the field. It is a game and anything can happen. "

Solomon is thankful that his quest for the starting spot is made a bit easier by the talent that surrounds him.

"Having Cayleb Jones is something special," he said. "He brings a lot to the table. He can run routes good, catch good, and overall he is a good leader.

"Davonte Neal is the same. He is like that speedy DeSean Jackson kind of guy and it is good to have him out there on the same team."

As the spring comes to an end, one aspect of his game that Solomon is comfortable with is his playing weight.

"I gained muscle weight," Solomon said. "I am at 205 right now and that is pretty much where I want to be. I feel good, I can run good, and it is where they want me to be."

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