Hill still getting comfortable

Austin Hill is still getting comfortable after his knee injury. Read on to see how he is progressing and more.

Austin Hill may not be the same player as he was one year ago, but he is getting closer to it by the day.

"I am feeling pretty comfortable," Hill said. "There are little things here and there that I am not myself with, but I think I am getting closer to 100 percent every day.

"I think it will be great to come out here and showcase during the spring game and then get a lot of rest and individual work on my knee over the break before camp. I will probably get to 100 percent before camp."

It would be somewhat understandable if Hill's knee was a distraction, but his focus remains on improving.

"Always have to improve," Hill said. "I think even when I am really comfortable and 100 percent, I am still going to want to improve on my knee.

"It was rough. Last spring I did not make it through, so I am trying to maintain, stay healthy, and make sure I am not trying to do too much or get too crazy with it, because I don't want to wind up hurting myself again or pushing myself back."

Despite having to sit out the season, Hill never let his injury get him down.

"I have always been strong mentally," Hill said. "My dad has kept me that way and whenever I got down on myself on the phone with him, he would always bring me back up. I have always been mentally strong and that has always been an issue."

The receiving core is going to look a bit different this season with the addition of Cayleb Jones and Davonte Neal and Hill is excited to be surrounded by more talent.

"I think my name is going to be thrown in with a lot of other great receivers and it is awesome," Hill said. My name was thrown in there with Juron Criner and he was awesome and probably one of the best receivers I have ever played with. I don't mind it and competition brings out the best out of all of us."

With the increased talent, Hill will continue to play nearly every receiver position.

"Coach believes I know every other position and I do, so I can play outside, I can play slot," he said. "Coach likes to mix it up and I don't mind. I think I can play well at any receiver position, so I don't mind it at all."

Hill's last moment of spring ball will be playing at Saturday's scrimmage and he looks forward to being in front of the fans again.

"They probably forgot about me," Hill joked. "I do a lot for them and it is always fun going out there and showcasing for the fans and everybody that loves U of A football and the school. It is really fun to get back out there finally."

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