Wright leading by example

Scooby Wright is trying to lead Arizona by example. Read on to see what he thinks about being a leader, his new position, and more.

Scooby Wright was a quiet freshman last season, although his play spoke loud enough. This season, his play will likely speak for itself, but he will also be more vocal while on the field.

"I try to be more vocal and lead by example," Wright said. "I try to play how we want Arizona football played, which is hard edge, physical, play fast and get to the ball. That is how I try to lead by example."

The first order of business for Wright was a change of position in order to fill the gap that was left by Jake Fischer.

"I got moved to the middle, so I am trying to learn that as much as I can," Wright said. "Playing the middle back, you have to know the SAM and the WILL and I kind of experienced a little bit of both of those last season."

Speaking of Fischer, Wright learned a lot from a player that was among the most experienced the Wildcats had on the roster last season.

"I learned a lot from Jake," Wright said. "He always broke it down with because I was one of the freshman that played and every time I would learn something new, I would have a couple of questions and he would always try to break it down for me and watch film."

Wright may not have Fischer to learn from anymore, but he continues to get acclimated with the other linebacker positions.

"The one I am probably the least comfortable with is MIKE," Wright said. "That is the one I am trying to learn now. I played SAM back last year and then WILL against UCLA and Oregon.

"I have a little experience with both, but playing MIKE I have to drop to WILL for blitzes and I am trying to get comfortable with that."

As Wright continues to learn his new spot, he admits that he has taken a liking to what he is able to do.

"I like playing the middle spot more because you can play more sideline to sideline and that is what I am used to," he said. "You can fly around more and play more downhill, more physical."

Not only has Wright changed where he has played, but there will be one more noticeable one as well.

"I wore 33 since I was six years old," he said. "It was my dad's number in college also. Every time I watched film it was weird seeing number 31, so I figured I would just go back. "

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