Babiash has options

Derek Babiash will likely contribute to Arizona this season, but his position is not set yet. Read on to see his thoughts on his options and more.

Derek Babiash's is near an end and he can look back at it as being a learning experience.

"It was a good spring, good learning experience," Babiash said. "I learned what I need to work on in the off-season and improve on for the fall."

The sophomore has grown a lot since last season and feels it will lead to him making more plays.

"You get more comfortable having been in the program for a year and everything kind of slows down for you," Babiash said. "You are able to make athletic and natural plays rather than plays you have to think about."

At this point, Babiash does not have a set position.

"They are still moving me around a little bit," he said. "We still don't know if I am going to be a corner or a safety in the fall, but hopefully I can get bigger and move to safety. If not I can work on my technique and start balling at corner."

Babiash does not have a preference, but his position could depends on how he does physically.

"I am looking at whatever is going to get me on the field the fastest, but talking to the coaches, they say I have a good safety body," Babiash said.

"If I get bigger and more aggressive I can be a good safety. I am at like 180 right now, but I want to be around 190 by fall."

Not only has Babiash improved, but he feels the defense as a whole will be better.

"I think our defense this year is a real tight defense," he said. "There are a lot of guys that came back and are older. The game is slowing down for everybody and we are comfortable with the system.

"I think this defense will be good and we our close together, which will help us in the long run."

Babiash is learning from numerous players, but there is one in particular that has really helped him.

"Jourdon Grandon has definitely become the leader on the defense and taking the role of a defensive captain," Babiash said. "It is important because he keeps our head on right and make sure we are doing the right thing."

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