Tevis enjoys the competition

Jared Tevis welcomes the increased competition. Read on to see why, his thoughts on the defense, and more.

When safety Jared Tevis talks about the defense, his attention quickly turns to the level of competition he sees every practice.

"I think I am continuing to mature and grow as a player," Tevis said. "It is a great time to compete against your teammates and just get better."

There is competition at nearly every position this spring and Tevis believes it will improve the Wildcats.

"Competition is great for us," he said. "Some of the young guys are trying to establish their role on defense and the offensive side.

"We have a couple transfers on the offensive side trying to help us out, so the competition at every position is great for us."

Increased depth has led to more competition, but there has not been a major change in what the defensive is doing.

"We haven't gotten too complex," Tevis said. "We are sticking to what we do. I wouldn't say the depth makes us do more, but it allows us to not have a fall off between the first string guys and second string guys and it allows us to play our defense the way we want it to play."

Tevis is happy with the way the entire defense has been progressing, including the secondary.

"I think our secondary is our strong spot," he said. "We have all started for several years and I think we are kind of the leaders on the defense and we are the guys that are going to pull the defense together and make sure and play like we are supposed to play."

With spring ball coming to a close, Tevis continues to work on improving.

"I'm healthy, which is nice and a change at this time of the year," he said. "I am trying to build on that and continuing to build on speed.

"As a player what I was focusing on this spring was being a smart football player and being able to recognize routes easier and improving my football I.Q."

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