Quarterbacks continue to progress

Arizona's quarterback situation does not have an answer, but they continue to progress. Read on for Rod Smith's thoughts on the competition and more.

Arizona has plenty of questions as spring ball comes to an end, but none may be as big as the quarterback competition.

The ideal situation would see the coaching staff have longer to work with the quarterbacks, but that isn't the case.

"I will always want two more weeks," Arizona Quarterbacks coach Rod Smith said. "Even last year with B.J., I knew B.J. knew what we were doing and I had a good feeling about him knowing the system, but I still wanted two more weeks just so he can work and get reps.

"There is never enough time to get another practice. It makes us feel better knowing you have two more weeks or another week, but when that spring game is over, you don't."

Jerrard Randall is somewhat of an unknown and Smith says that he is still not where the staff would like him to be, although that is not a surprise.

"That doesn't mean he's not going to get it, because you have plenty of time this summer," Smith said. "You have plenty of time for two a days that you can continue to progress."

In fact, all of the quarterbacks have yet to show the knowledge that is ideal in Arizona's system.

"It's one thing to know what we are doing, it's another thing to own it," Smith said. "I can tell you where everybody goes, but if I can't own it, meaning I can't spit it out in my mind, then it doesn't matter.

"You can go on the board and show me where everybody is, but if you can't spit it out in one second, your progression doesn't come that fast, then you don't know it well enough. That is where Jerrard is at right now."

Each quarterback getting to that point is a process and one that Smith accepts.

"None of them are close to owning it," he said. "The other guys are still learning. It is a process, it really is.

"Some guys learn faster than others, some guys pick things up faster, some guys are hands on, I have to do it before I can see it type of deal. They are working at it."

One quarterback that won't enter the competition until the summer is incoming freshman Brandon Dawkins.

"From a mental standpoint, you are always going to be behind only because everybody else has gotten live reps," Smith said of Dawkins. "Does it mean you can't catch up? No, it doesn't mean that.

"It all depends on how fast you can pick up what we are doing and not just pick it up, but how fast you can adjust on the move, because that is when it really sinks in.

"It's tough, but at the same time it is doable. It depends on how much time the kid wants to spend on it and how smart his background is. It kind of goes hand in hand."

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