Scooby leading the way

Scooby Wright is only a sophomore, but his movement to the middle linebacker spot has cast him in a leadership role. Read on to find out how the spring went, how he has developed as a leader, and more.

Scooby Wright was the brightest spot on the Arizona Wildcats defense last season. As a true freshman, Wright battled for playing time and steadily improved over the season, showing that the defense was moving in the right direction.

Now that he is through his first spring in Tucson, Wright has seen the progress that his team is making, but admits there are still improvements to be made.

"We had some good stuff and some stuff we need to clean up," Wright said. "It all goes back to watching film and limiting mistakes. Once we can do that, we will be much better as a unit."

One aspect the sophomore paid attention to was the youth in the linebacker unit. Wright believes that the group will continue to improve with more repetition.

"I think the whole linebacker group is better after the spring," he said. "A lot of us are first, second, or third semester guys and we haven't had the reps that you need to have in this defense. With the 3-3-5, everything needs to be second nature and that's not quite how it is yet."

As for himself, the linebacker moved from the outside to the inside and still feels like he made a large improvement over the course of the spring.

"I've made huge strides," Wright said. "I have been really learning the playbook. I'm learning how to see things that you don't normally see. Last year, I wouldn't know where certain things were in the running game, but I am starting to pick that stuff up."

His position switch was a move out of necessity after Jake Fischer graduated in the fall. Wright was the most capable of making the change and succeeding, so it happened quickly

"I played on the inside for most of the spring," he said. "I like playing on the inside a lot. It's not much different because sometimes you are in the same position as the MIKE or the SAM. It's pretty much the same position, just a little different here and there."

With the move comes more responsibility for the young Wildcat. He is now in charge of several changes and audibles for the linebacker unit when he is on the field. Having to make those changes verbally has caused him to step into a leadership role.

"I just try to lead by example," Wright said. "I try to bring guys with me. If we are going to be the best we can be, then it can't be a group of individuals.

"In the MIKE, you have to be the guy making adjustments and that has made me a little more vocal. I still have a lot of stuff to learn, but I am starting to get a hang of it."

Wright chooses to lead by example, playing hard on every play and trying to improve every chance he gets.

"I just try to be the best linebacker that I can be," he said. "Like I said, some of us are only in our first or second spring and we haven't had too much experience as a whole.

"As a unit, we want to be the best linebacker corps that we can be in the Pac-12. We all just need to step up and work."

Throughout the spring, Wright has been improving, but so has the offense. The linebacker sees the offensive firepower daily, but says that it isn't always a good thing for the offense to look potent.

"I think that the offense likes to air it out a lot," he said. "It's not seven-on-seven, but it's a struggle sometimes. Watching them, it's great to see them being able to make big plays, but in spring ball we are competing against them, so we really don't want those big plays. It's definitely a good thing for the offense though."

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