Jones keeps moving forward

Cayleb Jones may be one of the best receivers on the team, but wants to keep improving. Read on to see what he is working on, his thoughts on the quarterbacks, and more

Cayleb Jones is considered to be one of the best players on Arizona, but continues to work on improving.

"Early in the spring I was struggling with the concepts of the plays because we move so fast, but after spring break I really started grasping it and doing better," Jones said.

"I feel good about my performance in the spring game and moving forward in the fall. It was fortunate for Connor throwing our first touchdown in the stadium."

With spring ball over, Jones' attention will turn to getting ready for next season.

"I am focusing on hitting the weight room, footwork, and just staying in shape," Jones said. "We have a couple weeks off, so it is just staying in shape and really focusing and narrowing down what I need to do in the fall.

"I want to work on speed, getting in and out of routes. I am a bigger guy, so it is harder for me to get out of cuts versus Samajie or Davonte."

Jones is certainly a big receiver, but he does not want to be known as just that.

"I feel like I can personally do it all," he said. "I don't try to limit my attributes to one specific area, but whatever they need me to be, whether it is first and ten, second and ten, or go deep. I feel like I can run screens as well, so whatever they need me to do."

Arizona continues to go through the quarterback competition and while he is familiar with Brewer, he is also confident in the others.

"Jesse Scroggins is a veteran, he is a leader," Jones said. "He knows the system and is very confident. He will change plays at the line of the scrimmage and he is a good quarterback.

"Anu Solomon is always making plays on the run. He hit me on a scramble and he is a good athlete. He is smart, throws the ball well. He is a good quarterback too.

"Jerrard Randall has an arm. He just got here and is a little behind because he does not know the system as well, but he is a great quarterback."

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