Gordon confident in his decision

Aaron Gordon made his future official on Tuesday when he declared for the NBA Draft. Read on to see why he says he made the decision and more.

Sitting at the podium, Aaron Gordon started Tuesday's press conference with a quivering voice, as if he was either nervous or overly excited.

"This was a real difficult decision just because I love the University of Arizona," Gordon said. "Everything about it, top to bottom, from the moment I stepped foot on campus, they took care of me. Coach Miller, the whole coaching staff, each player, I love these guys so much.

"At the end of the day I need to make the decision that is right for Aaron Gordon, just like before I came to Arizona. I have a great foundation. My parents, my mom and my dad, my brother and sister, I talked to them a lot.

"I talked to the coaching staff and I talked to the players and made sure everything was good to go.

"From about the first grade I have wanted to compete at the highest level and that is what I intend to do next year. I am going to go to the NBA."

With that, Gordon's career at Arizona was over.

That's not to say that he did not have time to be successful, because he did.

Not only did he help lead Arizona to an Elite Eight and won the Pac-12 regular season title, but he also improved as a player throughout the season.

It was a long season," Gordon said. "Contrary to popular belief, I learned a lot. I can't really sum it down into one specific thing. I understand the game of basketball better than I did a year previously.

"We had such great basketball minds on our coaching staff that it helped me tremendously, just understanding little intricacies to the game and how to play the game better."

Gordon made sure his impending NBA decision never acted as a distraction.

"I knew that as a team what we were trying to do is win and win to the highest level and that is all I can worry about and all I cared about through the entire season," he said.

"Once the emotions of our last game cooled down, I could take a step back and make a decision for myself."

There is a good chance that Gordon will be drafted by a team that missed the playoffs last season, but he does not seem to mind the challenge.

"I don't care," Gordon said. "I have been on losing teams before and turned it around and won. I love winning, I think I know how to win, I know what it takes to win, and regardless of what team I am on or what record we have, I do believe that we can win."

That is not a worry right now though, as he feels he still has plenty to prove to NBA scouts.

"I just need to show them who I can be." Gordon said. "I know who I am as a basketball player. I know what I am capable of.

"I know my potential is limitless, so I am going to go in there and just be Aaron Gordon like coach has been telling me to do all year long. I am really going to flourish and I think my game is going to expand."

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