Johnson makes difficult choice

Nick Johnson's choice to go to the NBA was not an easy one. Read on for his thoughts on the decision, his future, and more.

Junior guard Nick Johnson would be the first to tell you that the decision about his future was difficult.

However, in the end, he just decided the NBA was too much to pass up.

"It was definitely a tough decision," Johnson said. "Coming back and playing my senior year would be a fun thing to do.

"I obviously had the goals to stay the Pac-12 Player of the Year and be a first-team All-American, but just winning is where I really had to sit down and think about myself and see what is best for me.

"There was a huge chance of being a great team next year, but I just had to make a choice for myself."

Before making his decision, Johnson made sure that he got as much advice as possible.

"I have taken the time to think about my decision since the end of the season," he said. "I talked to Coach Miller, my family, and a few people I trust, and the feedback I got was something that I was confident in and I can't stress enough that it was a great experience at Arizona."

As Johnson begins his journey to the NBA, he is not delusional.

He knows he is not going to be a lottery pick and is not the perfect player.

"I think the best thing was that I got some feedback and it was positive and some was negative," Johnson said. "I'm not saying that I am a lottery sure fire pick, I know that.

"The one thing that really stood out to me is that you have to work for it, it is not going to be easy to get drafted where you want to be.

"You are going to have to come and put in the work and show teams that you can do what they say you can and answer some questions that they have."

In order to maximize his draft position, Johnson must impresses coaches before draft time comes.

"I can just show teams what I can bring to the table, so many things as far as my leadership and ability to defend," Johnson said. "My ability to knock down shots.

"I think I have some questions to answer for them as far as my position, but if you ask me, I am a basketball player. Put me on the court and I am going to defend, it doesn't matter if the guy is shorter or taller than me.

"I am going to get into it on defense and make plays on offense because that is how I am as a player."

With Johnson's career at Arizona coming to a close, he has no regrets about the head coach that he chose to start his career with.

"It's been a great three years," Johnson said. "Thinking back to the first day I talked to Coach Miller the first day he got the job, he came down to Gilbert Highland and made it a point to make himself known.

"From that day on, him and the coaching staff really made it a point to be a big a big part of my life. I chose to come to Arizona because I thought they believed in me the most and it was just the right situation.

"We had our ups and downs throughout my career, but I felt like this season we really put it together and made a solid run with a great team."

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