Decisions bittersweet for Miller

Sean Miller lost two of his best players to the NBA, but it was not all bad. Read on to see why that is and more.

Sean Miller did not want to focus on the negatives of losing two of his best players, but instead chose to look at the positives aspects.

"Today is nothing but a good day for our program," Miller said. "Anytime that you can have two people, and I say people, not players, that help our team achieve special things, especially this year where I think you can put us in the category of one of the great teams at this University. When that happens, you love to see individual accolades follow.

"The other part of today that makes me feel good and I think should make everyone feel good is these are two guys from great families that took time to consider and get the facts from the NBA as much as you can at this point, have all the information, and then make the best decision for them.

"I wholeheartedly support Nick after being here for three years and Aaron being here for one year. It is bittersweet because people like them don't come along very often."

Miller is confident that Arizona's overall team success has a lot to do with the position that both Gordon and Johnson were in on Tuesday.

"What we always talk about, and I know I am not the only coach that talks to his team about this, but when you have team success, it is amazing the respect the individual players get as part of a team that threatened the Final Four, won 33 games, all the things that we did this year," Miller said.

"It further solidifies why it is so important to choose a program where you can win big and while you are at and a part of our program, that you want to compete for championship because that is how a lot of your goals as an individual player come true."

Nick Johnson is likely to get criticized more than Aaron Gordon because his future seems a bit more uncertain. However, Miller is reminded of a former player when discussing Johnson's career at Arizona and his future as well.

"Nick reminds me a lot of where Solomon Hill would have been last year at this same time," Miller said. "The qualities that Solomon has are very similar to the qualities that Nick has. Highly intelligent, unbelievably competitive, can shoot the basketball better than a lot of people realize.

"You fall in love with guys like him because when you put him as part of a team, you really can see he would be a great addition because he can do so many things and really understands winning."

Miller supports both players' decisions and does so because they both went about it the right way.

"The advice all along is to focus on just being the best Arizona basketball player you can be," Miller said. "I can say 100 percent that both of these guys did that. I don't think any of them got caught up in their future until the last game and the way it ended.

"Both families took time, the advice I gave them was allow us to gather the most information. This is too big a decision to not have as much information as we can."

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