Parks getting more comfortable

Will Parks is more comfortable with the defense than he was last season. Read on to see why, his thoughts on competing every day, and more.

Will Parks saw an increased role last season and he is expected to make another large jump this upcoming one as well.

The defense as a whole is returning numerous players and while each individual wants to improve, the focus has been on the overall unit.

"Everybody has something to prove individually, but we have been together for two years now, so we just want to improve the defense as a whole," Parks said.

"We have a whole lot more depth. Last year we were kind of thin and people were moving all over the place, but now we have a lot of depth."

Parks believes that the fact that there are so many defensive players returning can only be a good thing.

"It's beneficial because certain people didn't have each other's phone numbers, so when we went to watch film without the coaches or go workout without the coaches, we are now able to make sure everybody is in contact and knows what we are doing," he said.

In terms of spring camp, Parks was able to take away at least two positive aspects.

"Spring was solid," he said. "I got what I needed to get done as far as diagnosing the play faster, which was my main focus.

"A lot of people did not get hurt this year and I as pretty happy about that. One of the main things about spring ball is coming out a lot of people get injured and we suffer as a team."

Of course, it helps that Parks would face a dangerous group of receivers every day in practice.

"You don't want to go against a group of nonchalant receivers," he said. "These receivers are very humble, very strong, very passionate about the game of football and that is what we like, because we are obviously passionate too.

"You have two groups of passionate people going against each other, which brings out the best from everybody."

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