Evaluation: Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith is one of the best linebackers in the country. Read on to see his strengths, weaknesses, and highlights from his junior season.

Strengths: Golden size and frame (6-foot-2, 247 pounds) for his position. Extremely powerful and strong. Smith is a run stuffer and gets to the ball carrier first before some defensive lineman. Fast pursuit to the ball carrier. Although he is still working on it, has some ability to drop into coverage and recognize offenses. He reads the quarterback's eyes like a hawk, has decent vertical to snatch passes out of the air. Has the skill set to bring himself to the next level.

Weaknesses: Needs to improve footwork and quickness. Although Smith is a prototype linebacker and has size, being quicker is vital if he wants to perform at the next level. Sometimes stands straight up after snap instead of staying low. Needs to work more on dropping back into coverage.

OVERVIEW: Smith has what every other linebacker playing high school ball wants: brute strength and tremendous size. His power and frame are unparalleled and the offers he is getting are no-brainers. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that he is a junior and it makes sense that he is one of the top players on Arizona's board.

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