Unfinished Business

Kaleb Tarczewski came back to Arizona because he feels he has some unfinished business. Read on to see what that is and more.

While it was no surprise that Kaleb Tarczewski is returning to school for one more season, he basically formed the motto for next year's team when he took the podium to announce his decision.

"I think for all of us, the one reason why we're coming back next year is that we sort of have unfinished business here at the U of A," Tarczewski said.

Tarczewski pointed to not only himself, but his teammates as well, as he discussed that unfinished business.

"I think there's no question that we can say we have had a great career no matter how long it's been," he said. "Brandon and I can say we have played for a Sweet 16, Rondae can say we played for an Elite Eight, we have been on a regular season number one ranked team, been a number one seed in the tournament, won a Pac-12 regular season championship.

"I think the reason why we are coming back is that when we signed on to this program, our goal was to make it to a Final Four, to be able to play for a national championship, and next year that's our goal.

"We have some unfinished business here and we are all grateful to say we have another year to stick around and hopefully get it done."

If you are to believe Tarczewski, he says that playing at the next level was not a consideration this time around because, once again, of unfinished business.

"We all sat down with Coach Miller, our family, and some guys that we trust, and we kind of talked about it and all three of us decided that no matter what the projections were, we have unfinished business here," he said.

Nothing was taken away from Nick Johnson and Aaron Gordon's decision to enter the NBA Draft, but Tarczewski feels that there are still improvements for him to make.

"This is something that we all work our entire life for," he said. "We're going to put that aside for this next year and hopefully at this time next year we can be in their shoes.

"We're going to focus on the team aspect and getting better individually over the summer and we will see what happens."

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