What we learned: Quarterbacks

With spring camp over, we are starting to look at what we learned about each position. Read on to see which quarterback we think impressed the most, who has the most work to do, and more.

Normally we would have a good idea of what players are leading the race at each position, but we have no idea at quarterback and the coaching staff likely does not either. Thus, instead of naming a favorite, we're going to bring up the questions that the contest raises.

Who made the biggest stride? Jesse Scroggins looks like a completely different quarterback than he did last season. Yes, he still has lapses in which he seems to lose focus, as he showed in the spring game. However, his confidence is on another level than it was last season and that will make a big difference in his production.

If you ask Scroggins, he will tell you that the biggest difference from last season is his mentality. He took last season for granted a bit and the fact that he did not play last year seems to be a kick in the butt. The physical tools are there, but the jump in his mentality has him as a legitimate threat in this competition.

Who has the longest way to go? We think Jerrard Randall has a ton of raw talent, but he also has a long way to go. This is his first semester on campus and every position on the team will tell you that the offense is difficult to pick up. Keeping in mind that a quarterback basically has to know everything and it makes sense that Randall has the longest way to go.

He probably has the best physical tools out of the signal callers, but the game is a bit too fast for him right now. There will come a time that everything slows down for him, but he has a lot of work to do this summer in order to completely learn the offense and what the coaches want from him.

Is there any separation? According to Rich Rodriguez, there is. He won't go public with what that separation is, but we have a pretty good idea. Jesse Scroggins and Anu Solomon are the top two quarterbacks right now and Randall's physical tools and ability put him at third. We feel confident that the starting quarterback will come from one of those three.

If Nick Isham was a few inches taller, he would probably be the best quarterback on the roster. However, he isn't, and thus has no chance of winning the position. Connor Brewer is a player that has his fans, but his lack of physical tools puts him behind. He understands the offense decently and is a good kid, but that does not necessarily make him the favorite here.

Will Brandon Dawkins have a chance? We just can't see it happening. The reason why this is even a question is because there is no winner in the quarterback competition yet. Unfortunately for Dawkins, he has no idea how to grasp the offense yet. Dawkins is another player with the physical tools to succeed and while he is raw, the talent is there. However, it is extremely difficult for a freshman with those characteristics to succeed right away.

What's our prediction? This is a tough one and there is a decent chance that we are wrong, only because there is so much time remaining. We reserve the right to change our prediction based on what we see during fall camp, but our guess is that Scroggins gets the opportunity. He has been one of the most vocal quarterbacks, has the physical tools to succeed, and is hungry for it. As long as he keeps his head on straight, we think he narrowly wins the job.

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