Evaluation: Brady White

Brady White is one of the top quarterbacks in the west. Read on for a complete evaluation, including highlights.

Strengths: Brady White possesses an extremely strong arm. He is able to throw pinpoint accurate throws to his receivers and can hit them in stride with ease. White also has impressive field vision for a high school quarterback. He has a good pocket presence and is patient most of the time. Able to run if play becomes broken. White can avoid pressure with some nifty moves, but most importantly, usually makes smart decisions under pressure. He has good footwork and rarely gets sloppy.

Weaknesses: While White makes accurate throws, some of his throws are into double or even triple coverage. This is a common theme among high school quarterbacks. While these throws might work well in high school, they don't work at the next level. Can sometimes get antsy in the pocket and make quick throws instead of waiting for play to develop, but still often more poised than not. Needs to put on some size, but this most likely wont be an issue by the time he starts college ball.

Overview: The 2015 class has many strong quarterbacks with White being one of them. If you go by his offer list, White may actually be a little underrated. It makes sense that White is one of Arizona's top quarterback targets. He has the poise and ability to succeed in numerous systems.

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