Kerr to the Knicks?

Steve Kerr is rumored to be at the front of the line for the Knicks' head coaching job. Read on for an update on where everything stands and more.

As soon as Mike Woodson was let go as head coach of the New York Knicks, attention quickly turned to former Arizona Wildcat and current NBA commentator Steve Kerr.

Former Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson is the new president of the Knicks and has a long-standing relationship with Kerr.

Kerr addressed the situation on his radio show Monday and admitted that he and Jackson have continued to have a strong relationship throughout the years.

"I would often have dinner with him on the road if I was playing for another team even, just to catch up," he said. "I went to his daughter's wedding a few years ago in Montana. We've been very close.

"And so I've known for years that Phil wanted to do this — not necessarily in New York, I thought he was going to end up in Seattle last year if the Kings had moved to Seattle to become the Sonics — but I knew that he was done with coaching (and) that he was more interested in being a team president and building a franchise.

"I think he'll be very good at it. It's going to be very interesting and obviously my name is being thrown around. I do anticipate at least being part of the conversation and we'll see where it all goes."

As long as Kerr is interested, he will remain the top candidate for the job. Kerr will not go on record as saying that the job has been discussed for a while, but he did hint at the fact the future of Woodson has been.

"I feel bad for Mike," Kerr said on his show. "I think he's done an excellent job in New York, but between the struggles of the team this year and the new regime with Phil Jackson, I think this was -- and I don't think I'm the only one saying this -- I think the writing was sort of on the wall the last couple of months. And now here we are."

Although sources say that the job is likely Kerr's to lose, it does not necessarily mean that he is a lock to get it. As a source told the New York Daily News, "Steve will not jump into this without knowing exactly what he is getting himself into. He'll talk to the right people. If this is the job for him, he'll do his research."

This is unlikely to drag out for much longer and should it all go as expected, Arizona will have one more tie to the NBA and the Knicks will have their man.

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