EYBL Evaluations: Saturday

Numerous Arizona prospects were in action at the Nike EYBL on Saturday. Read on to see how they played and more.

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. - Saturday was the first full day of the Nike EYBL and there were plenty of Arizona targets in action.


Ivan Rabb: It was the same as usual for Rabb, who made all of his five shot attempts in the game we saw him play in. We would have liked to see him get more touches on the block, but his guards just could not get him the ball. In fact, the guards were such an issue at one point, that Rabb brought the ball up a few times and did so effectively. There's really not much more we can say about him, as we have yet to see anything change our mind about him being the top player in the class.

Stephen Zimmerman: Zimmerman is still getting comfortable with his teammates, but he was able to show a variety of skills. With his size, it would make sense for him to get closer to the basket, but he often finds himself drifting a bit. That is not a huge issue because he can hit the jumper, but he would probably be more effective if he worked his way inside out. One aspect of Zimmerman's game that is underrated is his passing. He takes good care of the ball and works really well on the high post, getting a few assists with some nice looks at the free-throw line.

Chimezie Metu: Metu is raw offensively, but does a good job in numerous aspects. He can get on the glass with strength and is also able to block shots. Metu is very athletic and is getting better at understanding the game. He is really intriguing because you can tell he can improve in a lot of areas, but he is already good enough to get his fair share of offers. For instance, he is good around the basket, but tends to drift away and put up shots he doesn't really need to put up. Arizona has picked up its interest in Metu and it makes sense because of his potential.

Bennie Boatwright: There is good and bad about Boatwright. For starters, he is a very good shooter. He can hit from range and makes jumpers off screens. However, Boatwright really struggles taking his defender off the dribble and we just did not see it on Saturday. The main issue with Boatwright is that he needs to get better in the other aspects of the game, such as rebounding and defense, so he can be effective when his shot is not falling. Again, his shot makes him dangerous and that is why he is going to get recruited at a high level, but there is work to be done.

Tyler Davis: This was our first time seeing Davis and we came away very impressed. He basically has not played in a year because he had to sit out due to high school transfer rules. Davis finished with 19 points and 14 rebounds and should have had more, but he only made 11 of 22 free-throw attempts. Davis got winded a bit, but after the game said it was because has not played in a while. We believe him and it really did not matter, because his understanding of the game and footwork are what really stood out.

D.J. Hogg: Another player that had his good and bad, Hogg is intriguing. He did not play hard enough when we saw him on Saturday and his coach was all over him because of it. When he did play hard, he made good decisions and a few jumpers as well. He found teammates on the break and in the half court, which may have been the most impressive aspect of his game. We will see him again on Sunday and probably have a better feel for him after that.

Daniel Giddens: This has not been the best few days for Giddens. He has shown absolutely no offensive game, so if you can get past that, there are some benefits. He is very strong on the glass, physically ready for the next level, and blocks shots. There was a point on Saturday where his coach yelled at him to do what he does and it was the perfect saying. Giddens has to realize he is not a player that is going to face the basket and score. If he can get his buckets off the glass or in transition and play defense while doing so, there's no reason why he should not stay highly recruited. Hopefully, he realizes that sooner than later, because the potential is absolutely there.

Dejounte Murray: We did not stay for Murray's last game in which he dominated, but we really did not need to in order to know how good he is. Murray is extremely long, but he has complete control over his body, which allows him to get into the lane and find success. In addition, Murray is able to hit from mid-range and behind the arc. He adds to his intrigue with the fact that he continues to develop physically and has plenty of room to do so. He may not have an offer yet, but it is easy to see why Arizona and the majority of the Pac-12 are recruiting him.


Oscar Frayer: Frayer did a little bit of everything when he saw him, but nothing spectacular. That's not a knock on him as much as it is a statement on the flow of the game. Frayer is more of a prospect than a proven player, but that is fine because there is a ton of potential there. He plays hard, will likely develop physically, and can score around the basket. The negatives we saw are that he is not a great athlete and struggles a bit with his shot. The athleticism is probably something that can't be fixed, but the shooting can. Frayer has the ability to be one of the best small forwards in the class and it will be interesting to see him progress.

Devearl Ramsey: Ramsey is another small point guard, but we don't care. He went for 25 points on 10-13 shooting from the field, including 4-5 from behind the arc. Ramsey has not always been a good shooter, but his improvement in his technique and touch is obvious, which makes him an even better prospect. He is among the fastest players in the class and is a complete nightmare on defense, as his six steals show. Ramsey is a shoot first point guard, but that does not mean he doesn't know how to run an offense. We were very impressed with what we saw on Saturday.

M.J. Cage: there aren't many players in his class that have Cage's size and skill level. You can tell he knows what he wants to do and makes the correct decisions when to do it. He has very good footwork and is strong in the post, especially with his back to the basket. We don't see a lot of weaknesses with Cage right now. He made numerous impressive passes out of the post, is strong on the glass, and just understands the game well. It's obvious why Arizona offered and any team in the west that has not is waiting for the inevitable.


Cody Riley: It's hard to believe there are many players in the class better than Riley. Arizona and Kansas are among the schools that have offered and even though he has a few years before college, Riley is a no-brainer. Riley is strong, has good length, and reacts quickly. Offensively, he can score on the block and showed range all the way out to the arc. We were really impressed with Riley's strength and these aren't younger kids that he is bigger and stronger than. Learn Riley's name now, because you will be hearing plenty about him.

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