EYBL Evaluations: Sunday

Numerous Arizona recruits were once again in action Sunday at the Nike EYBL. Read on to see how they performed.

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. - Sunday wrapped up the first session of the Nike EYBL and there were plenty of Arizona targets in action.


Ivan Rabb: Another day, another impressive performance for Rabb. The difference today was that his teammates got him the ball on the block and when that happens, there is not much the opposition can do about it. He showed the ability to get on the glass, grabbing 10 boards, and getting up quickly to score off it. In addition, Rabb hit a fadeaway on one leg from the baseline that is literally impossible to stop. When that jumper is falling, there may not be a better player in the class.

Stephen Zimmerman: Zimmerman just seemed off this weekend, but we will say it had to do with him getting acclimated with his new teammates. We would like to see him down low more, but Zimmerman worked at the free-throw line. We said on Saturday that Zimmerman was a better passer than he gets credit for, and he showed it on Sunday with a behind the back pass to Chimezie Metu for a very important score. Zimmerman moves well for a big man and can shoot, so there is plenty of intrigue there. However, we want to see him get closer to the basket and do so with toughness.

Chimezie Metu: This was probably the best game we saw from Metu this weekend. He had two important dunks against California Supreme and stepped out and hit his only three-point attempt as well. That is not really his game, but if he is able to make one or two, he becomes much more dangerous. Metu also grabbed eight rebounds and showed a solid motor after having some questions about it in the past. He has a lot of potential and that becomes apparent when he plays his game and sticks to what he is good at, which he did on Sunday.

Tyler Davis: It was not the best game for Davis, although he showed some flashes. His footwork was just fine, but he kept bringing the ball down and Houston Hoops figured it out, forcing him into six turnovers. Davis is a bit out of shape because he sat out the past season and he definitely looked winded at times on Sunday. He is intriguing and we think he can be successful at the next level if he chooses the correct system. As of now Davis is a player to watch and it makes sense, because there is ability there.


Devearl Ramsey: The more we watch Ramsey, the more we are impressed with how far he has come since last year. It's night and day. He is more of a true point guard, has improved tremendously as a shooter, and has worked his way up to being one of the top two point guards in the west in his class. If he was a few inches bigger, getting more offers would not be an issue. We don't really care about his height though because he is able to do so many things and has a positive impact on everybody around him. He had five assists and one turnover in a loss to the Soldiers and it will be interesting to see how much he keeps improving.

M.J. Cage: Cage did not have an easy task on Sunday as he had to guard Ivan Rabb, who is just further along as a player than he is right now. Still, he held his own and you have to be impressed with his 10 point, 7 rebound performance. Cage is another player that continues to get better and a lot of that has to do with his confidence. He is not afraid to get in the post and use his right hook, which is his main post move right now. In addition, Cage remains a good rebounder and is going to make a case for the best center in the west for his class.

DeAaron Fox: Fox is somewhat of a new name to Arizona fans and the Wildcats' recruitment is in its early stages. We have heard good things about him and we saw why on Sunday. He did not dominate the game and his team got blown out, but Fox was not the reason why. He was the best scorer on Houston Hoops, grabbed some rebounds, blocked a few shots, and did a little bit of everything. He also looks extremely young and is going to continue to grow and develop physically. We assume Arizona will eventually get more serious with him, so keep Fox in mind.


Cody Riley: At one point in Sunday's game against the Soldiers, Riley was 5-5 from the field, including two three-pointers. What is most impressive about him is that he knows his strengths. If a smaller player is guarding him, Riley can work with his back to the basket. If there is a bigger player, Riley has no issues with taking him off the dribble. He is a complete no-brainer as a prospect and a guy that Arizona is already prioritizing. In a game that featured a ton of talent, Riley was right there with the best.

Jarred Vanderbilt: Vanderbilt is the younger teammate of Fox and was just as impressive. Arizona is barely recruiting him right now and that is not a surprise considering what class he is in. However, Vanderbilt is a good athlete, has great length, and can hit the mid-range jumper. He pushed things a bit too much at times, but we tend to ignore that in players his age. We would expect Vanderbilt to be considered one of the best players in his class.

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