What we learned: Defensive line

The defensive line is one of the biggest concerns surrounding Arizona. Read on to see what we learned about it during spring ball and the questions still remaining.

Arizona's defensive line remains a concern due to a variety of reasons. We take a look at the biggest questions surrounding it.

Is there a pass rusher?

At this point, it is difficult to say that there is. Dan Pettinato has the potential to be if he has improved from last season and Jerod Cody is another that can make an impact. We can't say for sure what Cody will do because we have not seen him in a game, but the potential is there. Landing LSU transfer Jordan Allen would be huge for the Wildcats, but that is up in the air. It could turn out that there has been enough development where Arizona will indeed have a consistent pass rusher off the edge, but it is difficult to say it does now.

Who is most likely to surprise?

Parker Zellers may not have a scholarship, but it appears he has a role. The coaching staff spoke highly of him throughout the spring due in large part to his motor. He has a nasty streak to him that the coaching staff loves and while he may leave something to be desired physically, he has the mindset that will lead to playing time. There is still a ways to go until the opening game, but if we are to believe the coaches, Zellers is going to get snaps right away.

How has Jeff Worthy come along?

The start of the spring was rough for him and Worthy will be the first to admit that. He struggled to pick up the plays and also had difficulty with the pace of practice. It took him a bit of time, but he came on at the end and started to do much better. This summer will be good for him because he now knows what is expected and can work on making sure he is ready for the summer. It won't always be easy for Worthy, but you have to like that he moved in the right direction near the end of spring.

How is the depth?

It depends which way you want to look at it. Numbers wise, it is actually pretty good. However, the issue will be which of those numbers can get in a game and be effective. For now, we will say the depth is average. There are no superstars, but there are enough players to give others some breaks and avoid playing an insane amount of plays.

Can Marcus Griffin come in and play?

We have to think he can. There is definitely an opening for him to come in and contribute, but you have to wonder if he can pick everything up and adjust, just as you would have to do with any freshman. If Griffin can adjust quickly, he will certainly play and probably do so plenty. We like his potential a lot and although there are some questions about his motor, we would be surprised if he does not see action right off the bat.

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