What we learned: Safeties

One of the deepest positions on defense is safety. Read on to see why that is, who has emerged as a leader, and more.

Arizona has plenty of depth at safety. Read on to see what we learned about the unit, who will make an impact, and more.

Who will lead the overall unit?

In terms of play, it is going to be Bondurant. However, Jourdon Grandon has really taken on the role of being more vocal. His play was inconsistent last season and he often gets criticized because he has some dumb penalties, but Grandon has a ton of talent. Sources say he was as impressive as any player in the spring and he is expected to make a big jump. Not only that, but is was noticeable that he was talking more to teammates and directing traffic on the field.

Which player is most likely to emerge?

This is a close one for us, so we're going to go with two players. Tellas Jones and David Price both had solid springs and it would not be a surprise to see both get legitimate playing time this season. Jones is a bit more raw than Price, but is extremely athletic and has great size. Price is probably the more fundamental of the two and got some time with the second unit. Arizona has had depth at the safety spot, but it did not necessarily lead to contributions. That is on track to change this upcoming season.

Is Will Parks ready to break out?

Definitely, but some may believe he already did that near the end of last year. A lot of people question why Jared Tevis plays over Parks and to be honest we don't really have the answer. We're guessing that Tevis is a bit more reliable, but Parks is faster, more athletic, and seems like the better player. That is not a knock on Tevis because we think he is good as well, so take it as a compliment to Parks. It may not be the first game, but we expect Parks to wind up starting in some fashion and then taking over from there as one of the better defensive players.

Is there a position with more quality depth?

Not on the defensive side of the ball. You can make an argument that the linebackers are right there, but we still have a lot of questions about the unit as a whole. As far as the safeties go, you have guys like Parks that may not even start and that isn't taking into account any position changes or freshmen that could play. Matt Caponi has to be happy with the players he has and although coaches always want just a little more depth, he has numerous options at his disposal.

Will a freshman contribute?

This is going to be tough because of that depth we talked about above. Devon Brewer is likely going to come in as a corner and if Cameron Denson plays defense, it will probably be at corner as well. Honestly, we just don't see a freshman coming in and playing at safety unless there is an injury.

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