What we learned: Cornerbacks

Arizona has a lot of questions at corner. Read on to see what they are, what the spring taught us, and more.

Who is the second corner?

You're guess is probably as good as ours right now. It is a completely open competition and anybody that thinks one guy has a significant lead is wrong. If the season started tomorrow, the second corner would probably be Holiday. However, it doesn't start tomorrow and that means there is still summer ball, the incoming freshmen, and a competition among the guys already on the roster. The second corner spot is a position that is about as open as you can get at this point.

Which freshman is most likely to contribute?

This is a tough one because we feel that it is going to be more than one. Devon Brewer is probably ready to play right away and we think Rodney Carr is underrated as well. Although Brewer is listed as a safety out of high school, the coaching staff is confident that he is fluid enough in his hips and has a good enough backpedal to play corner. As for Carr, the coaching staff is a fan of his as well. He is physical at the line and has deceptive speed. We think one of those guys comes in and gets playing time and that is not taking into account the possibility that Cameron Denson is moved to corner.

Can Jonathan McKnight bounce back?

This feels like a situation similar to what Shaquille Richardson was facing before last season. McKnight was never 100 percent healthy this past season and really struggled at times, especially with the deep ball. He did not have a spectacular spring, but it isn't like he was awful either. McKnight is a player that is going to come into summer ball with high expectations and the realization that if he does not play well and others step up, his job is up for grabs. We have a feeling he has the capability of stepping up to the challenge and frankly he has to.

Is Devin Holiday ready?

That's an important question and one we probably won't have an answer to until he steps on the field. Personally, we do think he is ready to man that second corner spot, but obviously he has to prove it. Holiday has come a long way since last season, when he was not ready at all. He has gained some size and being able to learn for a year is going to help tremendously. Mentally we think he is ready and while there are going to be growing pains, we have the feeling he is good enough to man that spot.

Is the position as scary as it seems?

Unfortunately, it is for now. Until we know how the freshmen will come in and perform, there is a scary lack of depth and too many questions. What if Holiday can't perform as well? What if someone gets hurt? Can McKnight recover? There's too many question marks, which means this is a scary position. Of course, if those questions get answered, everything is good. Until then though, you just have to be concerned.

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