5/1 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez was part of a Pac-12 teleconference on Thursday. Read on to see what he said about the depth at corner, quarterback competition, and more.

Rich Rodriguez was part of the Pac-12 teleconference on Thursday. Read on to see some notes about what he discussed.

  • There is a lack of depth at corner, but Rodriguez only sees a handful of players possibly moving to help out.

    "Some of the safeties we have like Jamar Allah will play both corner and free safety," Rodriguez said. "Parks, Tevis, and Bondurant will probably stick to the safety position. Grandon can probably play corner in a pinch, but he will mostly stay at safety. We're not as deep at corner as we are at wide out, so it is possibly some receivers can play a little bit of both."

  • Corner is not the only position that lacks depth, but Arizona has still come a long way from when Rodriguez started.

    "I am worried about a lack of depth everywhere with the exception of maybe receiver," he said. "I am not sure we are deep at any position. There are always concerns, but I don't have as much depth concerns as I did the past two years, so that is an encouraging thing."

  • Jonathan Haden is still not eligible to play and Rodriguez once again expressed his dissatisfaction.

    "We're still waiting for the clearance on one class, which is disappointing seeing how somebody from the same school with the same class was eligible and our guy wasn't, so I am still baffled by that," Rodriguez said. "Just to make sure he is eligible for the fall, he is going to be taking a class this summer to insure in case the one class doesn't get approved."

  • The quarterback competition is getting a ton of attention, but there still has not been much separation.

    "Not as much as we probably would have hoped, but that is not necessarily a disappointing thing," Rodriguez said of the separation. "Our biggest concern was not necessarily finding a pecking order, but just getting two to three guys to the point where we feel we can win with them and I think we did. We can't rep eight, nine guys in the fall. We will rep four or five the first two weeks and then pare it down even further."

  • When summer ball does start up again, Rodriguez has a good idea of what the major focus will be on.

    "The first two weeks of camp I think you are trying to get your guys better conditioned and used to playing football again," he said. "Trying to sort out who the top guys are at every position and working on technique with pads on. We have a lot of question marks at running back, linebacker, and secondary. We have a lot of new guys that are going to come in and we are going to take a quick look right away at."

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