A look ahead: Point Guard

Arizona returns its starting point guard and adds some depth. Read on for a brief review of the point guard play last season and what to look forward to for next.

Basketball season may have ended only a few months ago, but it is never too early to look ahead. In this series of articles, we will be breaking down every position and taking a look at what the future holds.

The point guard position may be the most simple for Arizona head coach Sean Miller because there are not a lot of options. For some teams, that may be an issue, but the options that Arizona does have are just fine and probably the way that Miller wants it.

The strength at the point is with starter T.J. McConnell, who put together a solid initial season, but also left room for plenty of improvement.

McConnell showed that he is a true point guard in every sense, often running the offense with success and looking to raise his assist numbers as the first, second, and third options. He finished the season averaging over five of them to go along with less than two turnovers per game.

He did have his struggles, such as a six turnover game in a loss against Arizona State. McConnell called it one of the worst games of his career and bounced back nicely.

There are really no arguments to be made for hos he runs the team. The other four players on the court are more talented scorers and Arizona is probably better when McConnell maximizes their chances.

However, there were definitely occasions in which McConnell was too passive and was criticized by fans more than anything. There was a point in the season where McConnell became more aggressive and Arizona benefitted from it.

Two of the best games Arizona played last season was the home series against the Bay Area schools and it is no coincidence that McConnell put up double digit shot attempts two out of the season total eight times.

With a guy like Stanley Johnson now next to him, it may be difficult for McConnell to be an aggressive scorer or at least somebody that looks for his shot more. Still, it is difficult to argue against the belief that he at least needs to avoid being passive in order to draw the respect of opposing defenses.

Unlike last year, Arizona is going to have the ability to back McConnell up with a true point guard. Parker Jackson-Cartwright comes in highly regarded not only by scouts that have seen him a ton, but by the Arizona coaching staff as well.

There's going to be questions as to whether or not he is strong enough to play right away, but PJC has been facing those questions for years. Yes, the college game is obviously a whole different level, but we have little reason to believe that he can't give around ten minutes per game in order to give McConnell a rest.

That may not seem like a lot, but Arizona's offense really struggled at times because McConnell's defense intensity seemed to take away from his offense and there was nothing Miller could do because of the lack of depth.

There's always the possibility that Kadeem Allen can come in and play some point, but his strength seems to be off the ball and that's where we project him to get his minutes.

Arizona is going into this upcoming season with point guard depth, which is something that the Wildcats seemingly have not had in quite a while and should pay dividends.

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