Simon's father happy with son's decision

Justin Simon's father is happy with his son's decision to commit to Arizona. Read on to see why that is and more.

Although Temecula (Calif.) Valley five-star point guard Justin Simon didn't initially plan on committing to a school this early, a series of events steered him in that direction.

"We initially planned on taking some time and waiting to see which of his final ten schools he found most appealing," Justin's father, Ken Simon said. "But what happened was more and more schools kept trying to get involved.

"When he came back to California he told me that he would like to commit on his birthday and that he knew where he wanted to go and just get all of this behind him."

Ken Simon had an idea of where his son wanted to attend school.

"Arizona was always at the front of his list," he said. "They were on him before any other big time school got on him.

"I'll never forget Coach Stoudamire telling me that even though Justin wasn't rated as high as some other kids, he was a guy the UA staff loved and he would consistently let me know they were on Justin first. Coming from a guy like Damon Stoudamire, that was incredibly flattering."

While playing time is always a factor in any prospect's collegiate decision, the Simons were mostly focused on improving Justin's game.

"It's about progressing as a player and we felt that Arizona would be an ideal place for him to go," Ken said.

"I mean in practice he we will be playing against four future pros on a daily basis. That is an experience that you can't really put a value on."

Justin Simon has big plans for his time at Arizona.

"He wants to win big and he plays the game the right way and will do whatever Coach Miller asks of him," Ken said.

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