May 12 Arizona Football Mailbag

Spring ball may be over, but there are plenty of questions. Read on for an update on quarterback recruiting, potential starting running backs, and more.

Can Baker or Haden be the answer at RB?

It's hard to say for numerous reasons. For starters, we don't know how Jared Baker will come back from his injury. The expectation is that he will be just fine, but there is a big difference between an expectation and reality. As far as Haden goes, we have no idea what kind of back he is at this level. It's really a shame he could not participate in spring ball because it would have given him a nice start before summer started. Instead, he is basically even with incoming freshman Nick Wilson. I do think both backs are good enough to get carries, but I am just not comfortable saying they are starter quality, at least not until I see them more.

Any update in our 2015 QB recruiting?

At this point, we have to believe that Travis Waller is a long shot. He seems to be just fine with going east and if he stays in the Pac-12, Oregon seems to be the school to beat. That does not mean that this recruitment is over, but we would be surprised if he wound up at Arizona at this point. The Wildcats are in good position for Sheriron Jones right now and he is probably the guy to keep the closest eye on. Arizona State was doing pretty well for him, but the Sun Devils will not take any more quarterbacks. There are a few schools that are getting in there as well, but the Wildcats have been consistent in their recruitment of Jones and are among the schools to beat. Our guess is that this summer brings along a few more offers, but Jones is definitely the main target right now.

With the recent setbacks at the cornerback position, do you think we go after a higher volume of CB recruits for 2015?

I think it is safe to say that, but I am not sure it has to do with any setbacks. Arizona brought in a pretty nice corner class and a lot of what happens in this class could depend on how those guys do. It's not like Arizona was expecting Derek Babiash to be a major contributor at corner and that mindset is probably why he transferred. The coaching staff is still going to take a handful of corners because that is what the defense calls for, not necessarily because it feels that there have been setbacks at the position.

Will RR ever consider having a few open practices this summer (August) for public viewing?

I doubt it and you can probably blame Michigan. The media is lucky in a sense that it even gets to watch the amount of practices it does. Rodriguez is somewhat paranoid with what happens in a practice and letting in fans is not going to change that obviously.

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