May 13 Arizona Basketball Mailbag

It's the offseason, but there are plenty of topics surrounding Arizona basketball. Read on for answers regarding assistant coaches, scheduling, and more.

Is it fair to say that a 2015 class of PG- Simon, SG- Dorsey, SF- Smith, PF- Rabb, C- Comanche would be the best Arizona class ever?

I think it definitely has to be considered. Arizona would fill needs at every position and land one of the top two players in at least three of them. There have obviously been other great classes to come to Arizona, but in terms of numbers and quality from top to bottom, I think you would have a great argument.

Who would be the next 3-5 coaches that Miller could look to when we eventually lose assistants?

I think this is way too difficult for me to answer because of everything that goes into this. For instance, it is not helping anybody if Arizona's assistant coach list is public. What I will say is that should Arizona lose an assistant, Sean Miller has a good idea of who the replacement will be.

If Terry were to retire soon and when there may be an open position, is there any chance he ends up as an assistant coach on Miller's staff considering he's made it well known he'd love to coach here when he's done playing?

Hard to say with the timing of everything, but I do not think he will be an option in the next go around for an assistant. Maybe down the road, but it just does not seem to be an option any time soon.

Is the Pac-12 concerned and or trying to set up series like the Big 10 to keep RPI up. Big 10 now has the Big East and ACC. I realize that when we took Colorado the Big 12 was not happy, but can that be revisited now?

When asked about this somewhat recently, Larry Scott said it was something that was being looked at as an option. However, it has not gone beyond that. I do think the Pac-12 is always looking to expand its horizons, but Scott seems to be more focused on the international side of things rather than series such as these.

Who is the next to commit? When?

You never know with recruiting, but the guy most likely to make a decision is probably Ray Smith. He says he wants to take all five of his officials, but admits that is he fell in love with a school, he could end his recruitment right there. We're not saying that Smith is a lock for Arizona or anything of the sort, but a look at the Arizona targets leads us to him when discussing who could be next to make a decision.

If Damon heads to OSU, how much does that hurt us with recruiting? Does Miller have anyone on deck in case that happens?

As strong as Arizona's assistants have been, recruiting still runs through Sean Miller. He is likely to hire a capable replacement and thus Arizona will not have much of a recruiting drop off.

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