Buncom checks out Bay Area schools

San Diego (Calif.) St. Augustine defensive back Frank Buncom took a visit up north for the Oakland NIKE Camp and checked out Cal and Stanford while he was there.

Despite already landing an invite to The Opening, Frank Buncom made the road trip up north to take part in the Oakland NIKE Camp. Unfortunately, he dinged up an already aggravated ankle and had to shut things down early.

"I hurt it doing the testing," Buncom said. "It was already a little sore but I tweaked it again. I tried to rest it and then go for one on ones but I couldn't do it. It was disappointing because I just love to compete. That's why I came out here, even though I already had my invite, I love football and wanted to take advantage of this opportunity."

The trip was still worth it for Buncom as he was able to visit California and Stanford on Saturday, the day before NIKE Camp.

"Cal was a great time, that was my second time visiting," Buncom said. "I came with two of my teammates and it was fun to bring them up there and let them see the place for the first time and show them around a little.

"The highlight of the visit was probably the facilities, it's incredible and I like the campus a lot as well. There weren't too many coaches there but I was still able to walk around and take everything in so it was a real good experience."

As for the Stanford visit, the Cardinal rolled out the red carpet for him and made it almost like an official visit.

"I met up with the new DB coach Duane Akina and that was great to sit down and talk Xs and Os with him. We talked for about 30 minutes and then we walked the campus. I was able to talk to Professor Bob Simoni, who I've talked to about three times before and really love that man.

"Then they know I like Neurology so I took a Neurology tour , visited the Stanford hospital on campus, saw the research lab and talked to a couple of the doctors. It was great sitting down and taling neurons because that's my passion and that's what I love about Stanford. It's not just about football there and they understand that better than anyone."

Buncom said he would like to take a few more visits over the summer.

"I want to try and get to Oregon, Oregon State and Notre Dame," Buncom said. "Notre Dame hasn't offered yet but is showing strong interest and they're a great academic school and that's important to me. That's why schools like Stanford, Duke, Northwestern and Notre Dame all stand out to me right now.

"USC and UCLA are still up there on my list too. USC hasn't offered yet but I still like them. UCLA offered me very early in the process and I like Coach Mora a lot and where he's taking the program. It's really nice there and I like the academics at UCLA quite a bit as well."

Buncom said he's planning to make a Signing Day decision.

"I haven't even thought about narrowing things down or cutting my list yet," Buncom said. "I might do that at the end of the summer and then I plan to wait until Signing Day and have a little surprise press conference.

"I don't plan on making my decision about me, I'm going to do it in a different way. I want to try and bring a message to the world or actually whoever is watching it that is beyond me that can hopefully impact people's lives.

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