Deboskie ready to go

Kaelin Deboskie is fully qualified and ready to go. Read on for his thoughts on his future at Arizona and more.

Dismantling every opponent in its path on the way to the state championship, Salpointe Catholic completed one of the most historic runs in state football history this past season.

However, it wasn't a surprise to star wide receiver Kaelin Deboskie, who had a feeling before the season even started what the Lancers' potential entailed.

"We had a pretty good idea this summer that we were going to be good," Deboskie said. "It all started in passing league against Hamilton and the more teams we played it just seemed like we couldn't be stopped.

"Once we went out to Las Vegas and California and destroyed teams like Crespi we knew we were good. The in-state schedule was a breeze from that point on. Most our games the starters were out by the third quarter and if we wanted to we could have put 80 up on each team."

It was during this historic state run that Deboskie became totally convinced that Arizona was the right school for him.

"It just made too much sense," he said. "I grew up here and Cameron Denson is one of my best buddies and he was always in my ear about going to Arizona. The more I looked at the offense and everything involved, it just made too much sense."

With his commitment solidified, Deboskie went about making sure he was eligible to play.

"I worked hard and everything is good to go now," he said. "I've gotten the full clearance. I knew that would happen, but now that it is finalized I'm going to look to put on a show."

The Arizona coaches are excited that Deboskie will be able to join the team at a normal time.

"They're thrilled that I'm cleared and they want me to come in ready to play," Deboskie said. "They know that I've competed for a really good high school team and they want me to anticipate and train like I'm playing early."

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