Pangos All-American Camp: Saturday Thoughts

There were plenty of Arizona prospects in attendance Saturday at the Pangos All-American Camp. Read on to see how they did.

LONG BEACH, Calif. - The second day of the Pangos All-American Camp was on Saturday and there were plenty of Arizona prospects in action. Read on to see how they performed.


Stephen Zimmerman: It's hard to find many, if any, players that are having more fun and playing as well as Zimmerman. He is getting up and down the court with ease and scoring plenty in transition. While he may not be allowed to do it in a structured game, Zimmerman had a play where he got a rebound, dribbled down the length of the court, crossed up at least two players, and then dunked it. There was not much defense being played, but it was still impressive to see a player his size moving like that. Zimmerman has a real chance to win the MVP of the camp with his performance these past few days.

Brandon Sampson: This was our first time seeing Sampson and we were extremely impressed. He scored 20 points in the game we saw him play and did so in a variety of ways. His first six points came from three-pointers off the dribble. A few minutes later, Sampson hit a floater and then later in the game he scored on a turnaround with one hand. Simply put, Sampson finds ways to score and does so efficiently.

On Friday night, Sampson did not play very hard and his game suffered a bit because of it. On Saturday, his motor was turned on and he showed what he is capable of. He has the athleticism and build to be very successful on the next level and if he can get his motor to be consistent, we think he is a no-brainer type of prospect, although you can make the case he is there already.

Tyler Dorsey: When Dorsey is aggressive to the basket and uses his strength to his advantage, there aren't many better players in the class. We have discussed the argument about his position extensively, but this camp really is not about that. In terms of pure scoring ability, Dorsey gets it done.

He also put up some nice assist numbers in his first game. You can make a case that Dorsey needs to improve his jump shot in order to make his offense even more dangerous, but it was falling on Saturday. When that jumper is falling and he is being aggressive, Dorsey is as difficult to stop as they come.

Ray Smith: After missing Friday night, Smith made his presence known right away. He can hit jumpers, get in the lane when he wants, and score off rebounds. There really is not a lot Smith can't do right now and the fact is that he is only going to get better. What we especially liked about his performance on Saturday was his attitude.

There's no reason for him to be passive and sometimes he tends to drift a bit. However, he realized that if he did that on Saturday, he was not going to get the ball. Thus, he was aggressive demanding the ball and once he got it, made the smart decision that led to success more often than not. It may not be an organized type of environment, but it is still obvious why Arizona has made him such a big priority.


Derryck Thornton Jr.: It took a few games, but Thornton finally put together the performance we know he is capable of having. In the first half of his second game on Saturday, Thornton was running things to perfection. He was finding the open man on nearly every possession and many of his assists came because he found a way to get into the lane with ease.

Thornton's first step is almost impossible to get in front of and if he is able to get his release on his shot quicker, it will make him even more dangerous. He is another example of a player that keeps getting better and when he is playing as well as he did on Saturday, Thornton is very fun to watch.

Vance Jackson: Another day, another impressive performance for Jackson. We've said it before, but we just like watching him play. He makes the smart play and there aren't many better shooters in his class. Jackson has gotten much stronger in the past year and with that added strength is an improved player that knows he can be more aggressive.

In addition, Jackson has improved in knowing that he is capable of changing the game even when his shot is not falling. He has done a good job of setting up his teammates and trying to get into the lane rather than settling for jumpers. Again, Arizona offering Jackson makes a ton of sense when you see what he can do and keeps improving on.


Cody Riley: Physically, Riley can play in college right now. He's big, strong, and has not let anybody push him around. On Saturday, the opposing big man couldn't even touch the ball of the glass when Riley was in the game. As soon as Riley went out, that same player was easily finding success. Riley is not only able to guard in the post, but he does a good job facing up as well.

Offensively, Riley's shot was not really falling on Saturday. However, he is a smart player that knows that when his shot is not falling, he needs to move inside. When it is all said and done, we can't see there being many players that are better than Riley in 2017.

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