Pangos All-American Camp: Sunday Thoughts

Sunday was the final day of the Pangos All-American Camp. Read on to see how the Arizona prospects in attendance performed.

LONG BEACH, Calif. - Sunday was the final day of the Pangos All-American Camp and there were plenty of Arizona prospects in action.


Tyler Dorsey: Sunday was another impressive day for Dorsey, but for different reasons. His shot really was not falling, but he certainly is not the only one that we can say that about. He did not let it get to him, however, and he kept attacking and trying to get others involved. We think Dorsey helped himself this weekend because he was able to consistently be aggressive, which is when he is at his best.

Again, we aren't going to talk about positions and there really aren't any in this camp. What we will talk about is the fact that Dorsey is a talented player and he was able to use that talent to have a successful weekend.

Dejounte Murray: Murray had the morning game and those call for some ugly basketball. He wasn't very aggressive and looked to get his teammates involved rather than be his normal self and look to score. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it also is not where his strength is. We won't judge him off of this one game because we know what he is capable of doing, but it was not his best effort due in large part to him just not having his normal legs.

Brandon Sampson: Sampson is another player that struggled with his shot, but we did not see anything that would change our opinion of him. All of the tools are there and we came away from this weekend thinking that he belongs among the top 50 players in the country. His scoring ability is intriguing because he can do it in so many ways. Not only is he a strong jump shooter, but he has an awkward looking floater that tends to go in more often than not. He deserves to be recruiting by more schools than he is and our guess is that his recruitment will take off this summer.

Ray Smith: It is hard to find a player that had a better Sunday than Ray Smith. He scored 30 points in the All-Star game and at least half was on dunks. He excels in transition and is nearly unstoppable when he is in a rhythm running up and down the court. In addition, Smith is the type of player that can go and get the ball if it is anywhere close to the rim. We have consistently said Smith is a future pro and we will consistently say it until he gets drafted.


Derryck Thornton: Thornton was another player that had to deal with a morning game and it is not as easy as it sounds. Nothing changed with his quick first step and ability to get by his defender with it, but his shot wasn't falling. A lot of that has to do with the overall energy of the game and its individual players, because you can see the potential is there. He is one of the top guards in his class and we don't have any reason to believe he isn't.

Malik Crowfield: We watched Crowfield on Saturday and he was flat out bad, so we wanted to get another look at him on Sunday. He was not spectacular, but he was certainly better. He has a nice mid-range jumper and looks good when he is aggressive. The issue with these camps is that if you are not aggressive you just aren't getting the ball and often times, his passive attitude hurt his game. He does have the potential to be good and Arizona is lightly recruiting him, so it will be interesting to see how he keeps growing and improving.

Vance Jackson: There wasn't really anything new with Jackson that we have not said before. He shot pretty well, stayed aggressive, and found his open teammates. He has filled out physically and that might be the most improved area of his game. One year ago, Jackson was a skinny kid that got pushed around a little, but that is not the case anymore.


Cody Riley: Once again, Riley showed the full arsenal. He scored off the glass, made a hook shot, and stepped out and hit a shot with his foot on the line. When you take into account how big of a kid he is, it makes everything he does even more impressive. Riley is simply one of our favorite players in the class to watch. Arizona does not host kids as young as him on visits often, but he is planning to visit Tucson. UConn and Arizona State recently offered and they certainly won't be the last for a player that is going to contend to be one of the best in his class.

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