Cyclones Hope Magloire Takes Them For a Spin

Iowa State believes it can make an impression on Arizona commit Paul Magloire if it can get him to Ames. The question, though, is whether Magloire's comfortable taking visits. He answers that — and explains his appreciation for the recent Cyclones offer — inside

Iowa State has ground to make up on Arizona Western JUCO strong safety Paul Magloire, who committed to Arizona on May 22 immediately upon receiving an offer.

The Cyclones, conservative by nature with their offers, just last week got around to offering the hard-hitting Magloire, who now at least has something to think about.

"I don't think my commitment's gonna change at all, but Coach (Paul) Rhoads is a cool coach and he told me I could do some good in things in the Big 12 — and that you can't buy one Mercedes without test-driving another," Magloire told on Sunday. "They want me to come check them out, they said they think that'll change my commitment."

The 6-foot-2, 185-pound Magloire admits he's focused more on the upcoming season with Arizona Western, and hasn't given much thought to taking other visits.

Magloire attended high school at Lynbrook in 2010, then attended the Milford Academy in 2011, before redshirting at Appalachian State in 2012, where he was projected to be a power running back. Magloire left Appalachian State in 2013 and headed to Arizona Western. He's wary of doing anything to jeopardize his final shot at playing big-time college football and would want Arizona's blessing before checking out other schools.

"I don't plan on taking other visits and I don't think they're planning on me taking other visits," he said. "They don't plan on looking at anybody else at strong safety. It kind of goes hand-in-hand. They like me a lot and have got some big things planned for me at Arizona."

    Paul Magloire. 


The Cyclones — and others — will continue to push to get Magloire on campus, believing it'll level the recruitment. Magloire insists ISU is not behind the eight ball despite offering after the Wildcats.

"One of the coaches was telling me they don't like to just offer guys," he said. "They like to think about it. I don't think it's a disadvantage. It's a Big 12 school; they don't just give those offers out.

"It's a nice school but it's going to take a lot to change my commitment to Arizona. I'm pretty solid on them."

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