Smith knows what he wants

Las Vegas forward Ray Smith is one of Arizona's top targets in 2015. Read on to see what he says about the Wildcats, his overall recruitment, and more.

Las Vegas wing Ray Smith was as aggressive as we have ever seen him this past weekend at the Pangos All-American Camp and it led to numerous impressive performances.

"I attacked as much as possible," Smith said. "At things like this you have to stay aggressive at all times. It is a team sport, but when people are trying to go get theirs, you have to get yours.

"That is one thing I have learned from my father. Not every game is going to have people playing team ball, but I can be a star and if I have to take as many good shots as possible, it can help my team win in this environment."

Smith recently released his top ten and says that not much has changed among his favorites.

"I have the same top ten that are talking to me pretty big and every day they are hitting my lines," he said. "They are racing."

Arizona was one of the schools that made the cut and a lot of that had to do with its fans as much as anything.

"I love their fans, I really do," Smith said. "I put up my top ten and Arizona and Arizona State went at it for about two days and that's big. That shows pride in your school, but also pride in your players.

"If a player messes up, people will say that it is okay and he will get it back. It just shows love all the way around."

In terms of what his role would be if he committed to Arizona, Smith had a unique answer.

"Play basketball," he said. "You can say role this, role that, but just play basketball. At the end of the day I just need to make the right decision. If that means dish it, then dish it. If it means shoot or dunk it, then do it. There is no particular role."

Smith currently had three visits planned and has at least one other in mind.

"I have UCLA planned, Georgetown, and Louisville," he said. "That is as of right now, but we will see what happens. I also know I will most likely visit Arizona again."

What will Smith be focusing on when he takes visits and goes through the process?

"I love tradition," he said. "Whatever fits best for me. That is a big thing for my dad and me and when we sit down and talk, that will be a big point."

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