Miller looking forward to USA Basketball

Sean Miller will act as an assistant during next week's USA Basketball training camp. Read on for his thoughts on the experience and more.

Sean Miller will be taking off to Colorado Springs next week to act as an assistant for the USA basketball U-18 team and it is something that he is excited about.

"Looking forward to that," Miller said. "It's somewhat awkward for me because I like to be around our own team and in Tucson, the place where you work, but when this came across as an opportunity, really a number of things made a lot of sense."

The decision was an easy one for Miller due to numerous factors.

"As a coach you have an opportunity to get better," he said. "Sometimes when you just keep doing the same things, in the same place, it's the status quo from one year to the next and you cannot continue to develop in your own right.

"But being around Billy Donovan, Ed Cooley, being a part of the international game and some of the coaches and way the game is played at that level, having an opportunity to coach some of our young players in in this country who are going to go on and do great things, I think it allows you as a coach to improve and get better."

Arizona fans may be happy about the recruiting aspects of Miller being coach, but he says the trip is not about that.

"It's not a recruiting forum," he said. "I know there are some prospects involved. It is too big of an event. It means too much. To me, it takes away from USA basketball if you go in there as a coach with the intent of recruiting.

That's not what is about. What it is about is building a team, coaching that team, and having a gold medal. It is important that we accomplish the goal that USA basketball has set out."

For Arizona's head coach, the opportunity is more about the overall meaning of USA Basketball.

"USA basketball is something that I think we have all learned to cherish," Miller said. "When you play for a gold medal and play for your country, to be a part of that on that side of it, to represent USA basketball is quite an honor.

"It's not that far of a trip, we are going to be there for a couple of weeks. I think that time will go by fast. There is a chance Stanley Johnson will be on that team, somebody who I am going to have a chance to coach. It would be a nice two and a half week time for us as well."

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