Parks getting closer

Antonio Parks is getting closer to a decision. Read on to see where Arizona stands and more.

Considering the importance of solid secondary players in Rich Rodriguez's system and the fact that a few key contributors are graduating next year, it comes as no surprise that he is looking to replenish the defensive backfield.

One of the top candidates to help Rodriguez do that is Reserve (La.) East St. John safety Antonio Parks.

Parks is currently looking at three schools and has some thoughts on each possible destination.

"Arizona really has some good things going on right now," Parks said. "They are getting better each season and on top of that they are looking for guys in the secondary, which is scary because they already have a really good secondary. Their system is very intriguing.

"I like Clemson for some of the same reasons that I like Arizona. Clemson produces good pros and it seemed like they are incredibly close to breaking through. When their defensive coordinator called me and told me they liked my game, I was just blown away.

"Southern Miss is also a school that I'm going to visit. They were on me early and they are trying to get even better. When you look at the guys they are recruiting, it's not one and two star guys they are going after, but really good players."

The next month will be incredibly important for Parks.

"I want to get to all three in roughly the next month," Parks said. "I will decide sometime in mid July.

"By then I will have looked at all three schools on my list and I should have a pretty good idea of where I want to go."

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