A closer look: Quarterback competition

Arizona has a quarterback competition on its hands and there are numerous options. Read on to see what they are and the odds of starting we put on each.

There are some football workouts this summer and although not much will be answered by them, there is still plenty of debate regarding the quarterback competition. The following is a closer look at the contender and our feeling about each of their chances.

Anu Solomon: There may not be a more highly regarded quarterback currently on the roster. Solomon has yet to reach his potential, but the word is that he had a bit of a wakeup call this spring. The talent level here is not a question and if the competition was decided solely on talent, we would have to give it to Solomon.

There's more to it than that though and that is where the concerns about Solomon come into play. The coaching staff likes an intense signal caller and Solomon has a bit of a laid back attitude that has not necessarily meshed well with the guys in charge. He has worked on changing that a bit, but will need to prove more on the field.

Odds of being the starter: Front-runner

Jesse Scroggins: This is another case of a player having the tools, but not necessarily the mentality or refinement. Scroggins has an extremely strong arm and it actually hinders him sometimes because he struggles to put touch on his passes on the shorter routes. In terms of the deep ball, Arizona may not have a better option. There is not a throw that Scroggins can't make, but there is certainly a struggle for consistency.

There is no denying that Scroggins has matured a ton since last season and he will be the first to admit that he did not have the right mindset. He seems to have that mindset now, but that does not change the fact that he struggles to fully grasp the playbook. The coaching staff wants a quarterback that is going to make the right decisions and understands what it wants of him, and Scroggins still has something to prove in that regard.

Odds of being the starter: High

Jerrard Randall: Many people assume that Scroggins has the strongest arm on the team, but it actually may be Randall. Despite an awkward release, Randall has a cannon for an arm. He does have similar issues to Scroggins in that he struggles with the short and intermediate routes because he does not really know how to put touch on his throws. The key with Randall is that he is the best runner and it is not even close. He has the ability to take off on the ground and is at the point where it may be his first instinct.

The early reviews for Randall are positive due in large part to how hard he works off the field and learning the playbook. However, he will struggle with that playbook a bit because of his lack experience with it. In addition, he is so raw that the coaching staff may have to put in more work with him than the others. If he puts it all together though, watch out.

Odds of being the starter: Low to average

Connor Brewer: There may not be a quarterback on the roster that understands what the coaches want more than Brewer. He was the QB on the scout team, so he actually spent more time learning the opposing playbook rather than his own. However, the coaches were happy with ability to pick things up so quickly and he reacted to everything well.

The biggest negative with Brewer revolves around his physical ability. He probably has the worst arm strength of all the quarterback competitors and while he generally makes the right decisions, the thought is that the offense will be a bit limited if he wins the job. If Arizona wants to go with safe, Brewer could be the choice, but the safest isn't always the best.

Odds of being the starter: Low

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