Offensive Depth Chart Prediction

It may be the off-season, but it is not too early to look at a possible two deep. Read on to see who we think will start and more.

QB: Anu Solomon/ Jesse Scroggins/Jerrard Randall

To be honest, we have no idea how this is going to play out. It is a completely open competition and the separation between Solomon and Randall is not that much right now. We do think it is between these three, which is why we did not list Connor Brewer.

RB: Nick Wilson/ Adonis Smith/Jared Baker/Zachary Green

It's no secret that we are huge fans of Wilson. Now, if he is not able to come in and learn the playbook and blocking schemes, obviously he will not start. Adonis Smith is more experienced, but also has to learn Arizona's system. Baker may be the most experienced, but he has to prove that he is healthy. This is another open competition and plenty of backs will have a chance. We think Haden is working from behind because he missed the spring and Zach Green is not really an every down back, which is why he is listed last here.

WR: Cayleb Jones/Trey Griffey

Jones may not have played a lot in the spring game, but it would be a shock if he did not get plenty of time. He is one of the best pure talents at wide receiver in the conference, if not the country. He is dynamic and it just makes too much sense to leave him off the field. Griffey came on very strong towards the end of last season and we think the coaching staff is going to find playing time for him.

Slot: Davonte Neal/T.J Johnson

Arizona is going to want speed in the slot and these are two of the fastest guys on the team. Both will get plenty of reps in the passing game and should be included in the running game as well. There won't be many players that get more touches than these two.

RT: Fabbians Ebbele/Lene Maiava

This is a no-brainer. Ebbele is going to start and Maiava will likely back him up. Maiava is going to get playing time and it could come at numerous positions, which is another indication of just how versatile the offensive line is.

RG: Jacob Alsadek/Faitele Faafoi

We heard a ton of positives about Alsadek during the spring and the coaching staff made it seem as if he will be difficult to keep off the field. With Chris Putton gone, Jim Michalczik asked Alsadek to work at guard and he excelled. This seems like a good fit for him and allows Arizona to put its best linemen on the field.

C: Steven Gurrola/Carter Wood

Another easy pick, Gurrola will start at center and get the majority of the snaps. The only other player that is capable of giving him some rest is Wood.

LG: Cayman Bundage/Zach Hemmila

Bundage is one of the quietest players on the team, which is why he gets ignored a bit. He was one of the more consistent linemen and his position seems to be pretty solidified. Hemmila is a player we are not as comfortable with and it would not be a surprise to see a guy like Maiava move around to back up Bundage.

LT: Mickey Baucus/Jacob Arzouman

Yet another easy position to predict. Baucus may be the best lineman on Arizona and his playing time will reflect that. This is a big season for Arzouman, who has not really done much in his Arizona career up until this date.

TE: Trevor Wood/Aaron Lacombe

It will be interesting to see how much Arizona plays a tight end, but Wood seems to be the right fit figuring he is healthy. Lacombe was a wide receiver last season and Arizona liked him there, but it now has too much talent. The move to tight end was made with the belief that Lacombe should be able to get some snaps there.

Slot: Nate Phillips/Samajie Grant

Phillips missed the spring with injury, but that does not diminish the type of player he is. We believe he is still good enough to start, figuring he is healthy. Grant is another player that surprised some last season and even though we don't have him as a starter, he will see plenty of time.

WR: Austin Hill/David Richards

Hill missed last season because of injury, but he moved well during the spring and is ready to step back into the thick of things. In terms of pure talent, Hill is as good as any receiver Arizona has, which is why we have him listed as a starter. Richards is big enough to be a tight end, but Rodriguez likes him a lot at receiver. He is a complete matchup nightmare on the outside and could be in line for a surprise season.

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