Point guards: Strengths and Weaknesses

Arizona's point guards have their own strengths and weaknesses. Read on to see what they are and more.

Despite Arizona likely being one of the best teams in the country next season, there are weaknesses or things that can be improved upon at every position. We will be taking a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each, starting with point guard.

T.J. McConnell was one of the main reasons for Arizona's success last season, as Sean Miller finally got his pure point guard and a player that made everybody around him better.

McConnell's biggest strength is relatively straight forward, as Arizona was a much better team with him on the court as the primary point guard option. He did not need to score in order to feel that he was helping the team and his main goal was to find the open teammate.

It may be understated, but Arizona did not have chemistry problems and a big reason is because McConnell made sure he kept everybody happy with their touches, which is harder than some may think.

Defensively, McConnell made life very difficult for the opposition. It is difficult to find a game in which McConnell was not effective on defense and that obviously makes his teammates' job easier defensively as well.

So what can McConnell improve on?

Well, for starters, he should probably be more aggressive. Yes, we think he does a great job of getting his teammates involved and that was a big reason for Arizona's success, but there were times when the opposing teams did not respect his shot because they knew it wasn't coming.

McConnell does not need to go out and shoot 15 times, but he at least needs to take the shot when he is open and be more aggressive to the basket or else you will see opposing teams sag off defensively, which is what they did last season.

In McConnell's freshman year at Duquesne, he shot 83 percent from the line and last year at Arizona, he only shot 62 percent. You can make an argument that there is nothing McConnell needs to improve on as much as he does his free-throws. A point guard shooting 62 percent is basically unacceptable and was the biggest weakness of McConnell's game last season.

We don't know much about Parker Jackson-Cartwright's strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the college game, but they should be similar to what they were in high school.

As far as his strengths go, there aren't many point guards in his class that can run an offense like PJC. Similar to McConnell, Jackson-Cartwright makes the right decision much more often than not and has an uncanny feel for his teammates.

In addition, he knows how to get into the lane and use his size to his advantage, drawing defenders to him in order to get his teammates open.

The biggest weaknesses PJC is going to have relates to his physical attributes. He has to prove that he can stay healthy for an extended period of time, especially considering that he has battled injury the past few years.

He may be small and you can make an argument that it will be an issue at the college level, but he needs to show that he can consistently stay healthy rather than battling those ankle issues that he has in the past.

Also, you have to wonder if he will be able to get into the lane and play like he did in high school. We have seen PJC have success against bigger players, but now he will be facing coaching staffs that prepare for that kind of thing and watch tape. PJC is a smart kid, but this is a whole different challenge than what he saw in high school.

Instead of weaknesses, these are more like questions, as we just don't know how Jackson-Cartwright will adjust to the college game and how Sean Miller will be able to put him in a position that will allow him to succeed.

There just aren't a lot of weaknesses at the point guard position and even the weaknesses are things that Arizona can overcome, thus the high level of stability here.

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