NBA CAMP: M.J. Cage quick hitter

While the class of 2016 recruiting radar is beginning to solidify, there are several targets who are pushing their way onto the map. One of those is a five star center from the West Coast who sat down with TDD.

How's the Camp been going for you?

M.J. Cage: It's been going really good, there's a lot of great players here. I've just been trying to stand out for myself and play hard.

With your dad being a former player, how's he been helping you as you are going through the recruiting process now?

Well he just tells me to remain calm and not let any schools pressure you into a decision or say something that you don't want to say. He also says to stay relaxed and I can always talk with him if I ever have any questions on how to handle things.

Having played with Stanley Johnson at Mater Dei, how much have you talked with him about your recruiting process?

Yeah it's been good talking with him, he obviously knows a lot about schools because they are always at practice because he's there. He's been a good help.

On the recruiting front, how did the 15th go for you with all the calls?

Oh yeah it was nice, it was a blessing to get all the calls. I took the calls but later because i was so tired that day.

I heard Duke is involved, what's their level of interest in you so far?

Yeah, they called me like earlier this week. I think they are starting to get interested. They wanted to introduce themselves and ask what i knew about them as a school and a program. I like them, they have a great history and a great coach.

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