Draft Profile: Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon will be drafted in the lottery on Thursday. Read on to see which teams we feel are the best fits and our prediction on where Gordon will wind up.

The NBA Draft is here and we are going to take a look at the teams that we feel are the best fits and possibilities for Aaron Gordon, along with a final prediction.

Best fits:

Utah Jazz: The Jazz reportedly believe that Derrick Favors is a center, which means there is a good chance the franchise will be looking to draft a power forward. If you take a look at who is available, there is a good chance this pick comes down to Gordon and Noah Vonleh. Vonleh is probably a better fit than Gordon, but the Jazz could be intrigued enough with Gordon's athleticism to go with a slight surprise here.

Boston Celtics: This pick may not make a ton of sense in terms of positional fit, but Boston would absolutely love Gordon's attitude. He would come in and work hard while not making any controversy and considering the recent history of the Celtics, that would be welcomed with open arms. The main issue here is that there are rumors Rondo is going to get traded and Avery Bradley is a free agent, so drafting Gordon would mean the Celtics feel they can address the guard situation later in the draft.

Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers need all the help they can get, especially in the front court. Kobe Bryant would have no issues with the way Gordon conducts himself and he would be able to come in and defend right away. With Pau Gasol possibly on his way out, the Lakers would have minutes right away for Gordon. In our opinion, the only thing standing in Gordon's way would be Julius Randle.

Sacramento Kings: The Kings needs to improve defensively and you can make a case that Gordon is the best defensive player in the draft. He may not fill a major need, but Sacramento's current front court situation would allow Gordon to develop a bit more than other teams may. The Kings could choose to go with a point guard here and there has long been a rumored trade to Boston for Rondo. Should that happen, Gordon probably still goes here, but it is to the Celtics.

Philadelphia 76ers: Gordon would be able to pair up with Nerlens Noels and all of a sudden, the 76ers have one of the most athletic and best defensive front courts in the league. Offensively, the 76ers like to run and drafting Gordon would allow them to continue to do that. Gordon is not falling below this pick, but he also may not be available here either.


This one is tough because Gordon does not fill a major need for a chunk of the teams in the lottery, but he may also be too good for some of them to pass up. We have a hunch that there could be a trade that allows a team like the Celtics to grab him, especially if they are able to get two lottery picks. Our guess is that Gordon winds up in Boston, especially after the front office raved about him after his workout.

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