Centers: Strengths and Weaknesses

Arizona should have plenty of stability at center this season. Read on to see the strengths and weaknesses that both Kaleb Tarczewski and Dusan Ristic bring to the table.

We continue to look at the strengths and weaknesses of every position in order to get a closer look at what every player needs to improve on before next season starts. The following is for players that are likely to get minutes at center:

Kaleb Tarczewski:

Strengths: Tarczewski has improved since he first stepped on campus and our guess is that he will continue to do so. For starters, he has done a good job of losing weight and replacing that with better muscle, which has added to his overall strength and just put him in a better place physically.

He has also gotten better at being able to establish deeper post position, which is something that he struggled with a bit in his freshman season. It could have to do with Tarczewski's added strength, but he is able to consistently post up closer to the basket now.

Defensively, Tarczewski is quietly one of the better defenders in the conference. We know that people will bring up the Wisconsin game, but that was a complete mismatch and it is hard to look too much into the fact that he was completely outplayed in that game.

Weaknesses: Tarczewski is not great once he gets the ball in the post and has his back to the basket. He struggles to score much more than a player his size should and a lot of that could be due to what can sometimes look like a lack of confidence.

Another weakness in the post is that he is a bit limited. While Tarczewski extended his shooting range last season, there still really is not a go to move and he struggles to use both hands effectively.

In addition, Tarczewski still struggles with his hand placement. He often brings the ball too low and can't handle it when there is pressure on him to hold onto the ball. There was some improvement in that regard, but he often failed to have success in the post because he was not able to hold onto the ball long enough.

Dusan Ristic:

Strengths: We have not seen Ristic in person, but watching him on tape allows a few aspects of his game to stand out.

For starters, Ristic has a great frame. He looks to be legitimately seven-feet tall and has very long arms. In addition, he has great hands that allow him to catch the ball in the post with ease. It's important that a big man does not have a body that can deceive him and Ristic has what it takes in that regard.

Ristic is a traditional European player in that he has come to Arizona with a solid fundamental base and understanding of skills. He makes the right decision more often than not and does not panic when his back is to the basket due in large part to the fact that he can score with both hands.

He can step out and hit the mid-range jumper, but Ristic can also be successful closer to the basket and has a high rebounding rate.

Weaknesses: Ristic lacks any real athleticism and that is easily the biggest concern regarding his game. He is not going to impress anybody with his quickness and isn't the type of player to make an athletic play that would cause a fan's jaw to drop.

That athleticism can basically explain his other weaknesses as well. Ristic sometimes struggles around the hoop because there is no explosiveness and although he is big, we did not seem him dunk a lot on the video that we watched.

In order to be able to play for Sean Miller, Ristic is going to have to develop a more physical mentality. He will also have to learn to play through contact and have an edge about him that frankly does not exist right now.

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