Kosinski remains happy with his decision

Alex Kosinski is happy with his decision to commit to Arizona. Read on to see what he is up to this summer and more.

Larkspur (Calif.) Redwood 2015 offensive tackle Alex Kosinski knew from the beginning of his recruitment that once he figured out where he wanted to attend school, he would commit soon after.

Fortunately for Wildcat fans, Kosinski found Tucson to be a natural fit.

His decision out of the way, Kosinski has been able to focus on other things.

"I'm not going to any camps or anything like that since I'm already committed, so right now I'm just working 30 hours a week," Kosinski said. "It's nice because I can focus on making a little money while at the same time working on my game."

He may not be attending any camps, but Kosinski is still working to get stronger.

"When I'm not working, I'm working on my game," he said. "I'm trying to get as strong as possible while maintaining a good playing weight.

"I would like to take our team as far into the playoffs as possible. I think we can do it and I'm going to do my part."

Regardless of the outcome of his last high school season, Kosinski is doing everything possible to get a leg up on his collegiate competition.

"The plan is for me to hopefully graduate high school early and be able to enroll at the University of Arizona in January," Kosinski said.

"The coaches and I would both like this to happen, because I think it would be a benefit for me to get there as early as possible so I can get into a big time weight and conditioning program, which would hopefully help me play early."

It was Kosinski's trust in the Arizona coaching staff and its plan that ultimately made his collegiate decision easy.

"The biggest factor for me choosing Arizona was the coaching staff," he said. "I really like all those guys and they are the type of people that I want to dedicate myself to."

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