A closer look: Defensive breakout player

Arizona has numerous players that are ready for a breakout season. Read on to see who we think is the most likely on the defensive side of the ball.

With football season around the corner, we are going to look at the impact of several players. For starters, there are numerous players that have the potential to be a breakout star for Arizona on the defensive side of the ball.

David Price was not a factor last season, but he is expected to play a major role after redshirting and having a very impressive spring.

"Watching the tempo of the game and how fast things are, it is a little different from high school because guys are a lot faster and stronger," Price said.

"I had to learn to adjust to that and be ready to get on the field. High school is easier because you can just go out there and play. Right now every guy is bigger, faster, stronger, and they are here for a reason."

Jourdon Grandon is a lock to start at the free safety spot for a variety of reasons. Not only does he have more experience, but you can make an easy argument that he was one of the best players on defense during the spring.

Still, Price will play plenty because has the ability to get up on the line of scrimmage and rush the passer as well as play other safety positions.

"I like to roam around the secondary," he said. "I don't like to stay in one spot, I like to disguise defense, roll around, get the quarterback confused and then break out and make plays."

We certainly don't expect Price to unseat Grandon or even Jared Tevis and Will Parks, but we do expect him to start playing much more and cement himself as a major part of this team going forward.

Rich Rodriguez's goal upon arriving at Arizona was to upgrade and the overall speed and athleticism and Price is a good example of what he is referring to when he mentions that as the next step.

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