A closer look: Best offensive player

Arizona has numerous candidates for its best offensive player. Read on to see who we think it is and why.

With football season around the corner, we are going to look at the impact of several players. There are numerous players that have the potential to be the best offensive player for Arizona, but we believe Davonte Neal is the logical choice here.

In Rich Rodriguez's system, the quarterbacks or running backs are usually the dominant player. However, we just don't know who will be starting at either of those positions, which does not give us a ton of confidence to pick one of them for this.

No matter who gets the start at quarterback or running back, Neal is going to be a major piece of this offense and will not only get receptions, but carries as well.

"Just the speed and my vision," Neal said of why he gets carries. "I have a knack for getting in the end zone and that is what I want to do. I want to help this team by putting points on the board and making big plays.

"It doesn't have to be a touchdown play, it can be a 50-yard run that gets the team downfield and puts us in scoring position."

Neal scored a touchdown in the spring game and gave Arizona fans a taste of what's to come. Although he has to earn a starting spot, Rodriguez does not hold back much when praising Neal.

"Davonte gives us some things we can do not just in the slot, but in the return game and maybe in the backfield," Rodriguez said. "He is such a competitive guy too, I think that is one of his best attributes is that he loves the game and loves to compete."

The main reason we're assuming Neal will be the most dynamic player on offense is because Rodriguez is going to make sure he is.

Austin Hill and Cayleb Jones are obviously going to have major impacts, but they are strictly receivers and are not going to get carries. On the other hand, we get the feeling that Rodriguez is going to make sure Neal gets the ball at least 15 times per game.

Opposing defenses are going to have major difficulty figuring out what to do with Neal. With the size of Jones, Hill, Trey Griffey, Nate Phillips, and more, putting Neal in the slot is a nightmare because it will create mismatches.

Linebackers surely are not going to cover Neal, but defense are only going to have so many options.

Simply put, there's just too much pointing in the direction of Neal having a fantastic season.

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