A closer look: Best defensive player

There are numerous players that some would consider to be the best on defense. Read on to see who we think that title belongs to and why.

With football season around the corner, we are going to look at the impact of several players. There are numerous players that have the potential to be the best defensive player for Arizona, but we believe Scooby Wright will make a big enough jump to get this title.

We gave major thought to Tra'Mayne Bondurant, but Wright edged him out due to overall impact and reliability.

After playing outside last season, Wright will see the majority of his playing time in the middle in order for Arizona to have the most potential success filling the vacancy left by Jake Fischer.

"I played on the inside for most of the spring," Wright said. "I like playing on the inside a lot. It's not much different because sometimes you are in the same position as the MIKE or the SAM. It's pretty much the same position, just a little different here and there."

When you look at what Arizona will have at linebacker next season, Wright should easily be considered the leader of the group. Gone are Fischer and Marquis Flowers, which means that guys are going to have to play much more than they have in the past.

Jamardre Cobb is a good bet to come in and start on the outside right away, but you can make an argument that a lot of his success is going to have to do with how Wright does not only playing in the middle of the field, but as a leader as well.

In what is likely a scary thought for opposing offenses, Wright believes he can actually be more effective playing the middle.

"I like playing the middle spot more because you can play more sideline to sideline and that is what I am used to," he said. "You can fly around more and play more downhill, more physical."

There is no doubt that Wright is going to move to the other linebacker positions as well, but he is going to succeed at every one. We would be surprised if he did not lead the team in tackles and he should be the most consistent player as well.

With those qualities, it is no surprise that he is one of Jeff Casteel's favorite players on defense.

"He is a tough kid and he has leadership qualities," Casteel said. "He's probably not as vocal as he would normally be because he is still the young guy, but it is real important to him.

"He studies his tail off, football wise he watches a lot of film and asks a lot of questions. He is a tough kid and we just have to continue to try to develop him fundamentally with his footwork where he is not wasting his steps and those kinds of things."

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