A closer look: Most pressure on offense

There are numerous players on Arizona that will face pressure this upcoming season, but one more than others. Read on to see which player that is and more.

With football season around the corner, we are going to look at the impact of several players. There are several players on both sides of the ball that will have a ton of pressure on them to perform, but on offense we are going to go with whomever wins the starting quarterback job.

There’s no real front runner for the job right now, but there is already pressure on every single candidate.

The main reason why there is so much pressure is because there are numerous viable candidates. It could be Anu Solomon, Jerrard Randall, Jesse Scroggins, or Connor Brewer. No matter which one of those starts, you have to wonder if he will have a relatively short leash because of the other options around him.

Rich Rodriguez puts a lot of pressure on his quarterback and is pretty open with the fact that his patience runs much thinner for that position. The success of his system depends on having a competent quarterback that can do what the head coach needs him to do and there isn’t much more of a pressure situation than that.

You also have the individual pressure. Jesse Scroggins is the USC transfer with all the tools who disappointed last season, but swears he has turned things around and is ready to start this season.

Then you have Anu Solomon, who is the highly ranked freshman quarterback that has struggled to impress the coaching staff. If he does not win the job this season, what is his next step?

Those two are followed by Jerrard Randall. The former highly ranked prospect is getting a second chance and the main reason junior college players are ever brought into a school is to compete right away.

Lastly, there is Connor Brewer. The in-state product transferred from Texas and has already been in the system for a year. Did he learn enough to legitimately compete for the starting job and if he does not win it, where does he turn?

Each player has his own story and as intriguing as it may be, it is probably one that won’t decide whether or not they play. At the end of the day, the interesting story does not win the starting job, the quality of the player does.

When you look at the receivers that Arizona now has on its roster and the questions at running back, it is hard to deny that the quarterback is the player that enters the season with the most pressure to succeed.

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